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In some regions, summer temperatures can reach over 40°C (104°F) and although properties are built to withstand the heat, you may wish to install air-conditioning. Note, however, that there can be negative effects if you suffer from asthma or respiratory problems and it's easy to catch an infection when your body undergoes extreme changes in temperature. Air-conditioning units cost from around €600 (plus installation) for a 2,000 BTU ( frigorías ) unit, which is sufficient to cool an average size room. Some air-conditioners are noisy, so check the noise level before buying one.

An air-conditioning system with a heat pump provides cooling in summer and economical heating in winter – a system with an outside compressor providing radiant heating and cooling costs around €1,200 per room. Many people fit ceiling fans for extra cooling in the summer (costing from around €65), which are standard fixtures in some new homes.

Replacing older air conditioner models offers immediate cost and energy-saving benefits. MK INSTALLATIONS

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