Has anybody been successful in making contact with Superbeam in the past couple of weeks or so, since they were taken over by "New Management". I have tried the numbers that I was previously given but they ring out. They have an advert in the Coastrider but that doesn't show a contact number and the website address given is no longer valid.
I did ring the Coastrider to see if they had a contact number for one of their advertisers but the number they gave me also just rang out.
I need to contact them urgently but have no way of doing so.
Why didn't they sent out a message when they took over, using their on-screen message system, to inform customers on how they can be contacted.
Searching for 'superbeam' just takes you to a number of forums where there are numerous uncomplimentary posts about them.
I guess if I return my monthly payment when it's next due, might just get them to phone me but that's a long time to wait to get an issue resolved.
If anybody can help, it would be much appreciated.

La Marina

The phone numbers I have for Superbeam are 966 844 764 - 630 612 256 although the office in Quesada is now closed I have had no problem using these numbers

Commented ann-ward in Quesada 2012-11-14 21:41:57 UTC

Thanks very much for your reply and these numbers are the ones we finally got from another source. After making contact, we were told that the omission of a phone number from the ad. was the paper's fault. Sounds unlikely as they submit the ad but that's what they say and the next ad will have a phone number in it.
We asked why there wasn't an answerphone to leave messages and was told that when they did that they got a lot of "abusive" messages. (Their word!!). Can't say I'm surprised if other customers are experiencing the same level of service as I am.

Commented David in La Marina 2012-11-15 09:08:50 UTC

I have been sending emails to Superbeam to cancel my contract as I am moving response. So I just cancelled my standing order, lets see if they respond now?

Commented hughes9249 in Quesada 2012-11-15 16:59:42 UTC