Charity Night in aid of the Needy of San Fulgencio and La Marina

What a fantastic night we had last night at The Hillside, La Marina, a fantastic amount of 639e was raised, this will be a great amount of food for the needy people. A big thanks goes to Mandy and Lyndon Bartram for arranging the night. If anyone is looking to hiring a singer please get in touch with them at Stars in the Bars. A big thanks goes to All the acts who gave up their time for free, The atmosphere was electrifying, also a big thanks goes to The Hillside Bar for good food and service. there is going to be another charity night for this cause in December will keep you all posted.

La Marina

Pauline and Peter,
This is all very strange, charity nights for needy people, is it not?
Only weeks ago when the council was in "self destruct mode" Jeff went to great lengths to tell us all about the fine work that The Social Services Department under their Political Leader were doing in our community, did he not?

Commented Friendlyviking in La Marina 2013-10-08 19:41:34 UTC

Friendly Viking

The people who ran and attended this event had kind hearts and good spirits. When children are without food who would question where the money to provide it comes from? Charity comes into play when public and private services fail to provide. Not everyone qualifies for Social Services in Spain.

The fact remains it was a great night, great acts, well run and well supported. I have no idea what your issue is and why you address it to Pete who was not even there. Enjoy your day.

Commented Scotty in La Marina 2013-10-09 08:49:35 UTC

Well said thank God not sad miserable individual some people will moan & complain about anything & everything,are they accusing Peter & Pauline of some wrong doing or that what the council do should be enough,I just hope these people are never in need of help themselves

Commented bluesboytoby in La Marina 2013-10-09 09:21:27 UTC

you are out of order!

Commented Friendlyviking in La Marina 2013-10-09 09:36:34 UTC

Read something properly and you will find i did not accuse you of anything i asked if people were accusing them of any wrong doing ,also i did not mention you or anyone else by name at all .

Commented bluesboytoby in La Marina 2013-10-09 10:00:27 UTC

Friendly Viking,may I suggest that if you don't want people to mis interpret what you write, you should read what you say before putting your comment on the forum ,Your sentence "This is all very strange charity night for needy people is it not?"
Actually questions if it was a charity night or not, if that doesn't state that you think it may not of been a charity night, then you tell us What did you think it was?

Commented Alan in La Marina 2013-10-09 10:05:35 UTC

Pauline and Peter, in light of all the recent press reports about charity’s legal or not legal, and Councillor Wiszniewski’s by-law introduced last year insisting that all local volunteer groups that raise money must be registered, you can put all this scepticism to bed by telling us which charity it is you have raised this money for. Please provide us with the charity registration (CV) number and the CIF (Fiscal Identification Number) of the charity you are working for.

Commented Roger in La Marina 2013-10-09 16:47:39 UTC

Do hate these sort of comments on this site,I have just come back to commenting on here, after reading of some idiot, making a stupid comment about Paul Docherty ,and within days the sniping at people who help others starts up ,again.
So Roger can I set your mind to rest on a few issues ,Firstly Jeff does not make bye-laws, he hasn't the power.
Secondly lets think about who first started up the Help the Needy ,and in fact gained lots of brownie points, Yes it was Jeff,
thirdly who has praised Pauline for her work at collecting food for the Needy ,with these sorts of gatherings .Yes it was jeff, in all fairness I gather that Caritas is the official charity for giving, but as far as I am concerned anybody who gives up time and energy for others, be it Humans or Animals is alright by me .So don't lose too much sleep about your worries, those who give to help the unfortunate do so knowing who gets the benefits.
But in all fairness to you, I gather you knew most of what I said ,but of course you just wanted to wind people up ,and I am sure you realize that asking for the charity number, was just your way of harming every charity and the many people who give up time and money for those less fortunate ,Another of the self centred sanctimonius people that I wish would take there ignorant opinions and stuff them where the sun don't shine
Don't take this too seriously Roger,after all you gave me your opinion,of Pauline,I have just given you my personal opinion of your opinion.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2013-10-09 18:27:53 UTC

All I can say is well done for raising that amount for the needy children and long may it continue.. And well done on sorting out speed limit on the urb ... To all it may concern

Commented winterbottomandsophie in La Marina 2013-10-09 20:49:47 UTC

Hear Hear Alan totally agree, put a post on here about helping some pups and get shot down by the usual protagonists absolutely crazy.Like you I have given the forum a wide berth the Paul thing was the last straw for me and it looks like after the comments re the pups and Pauline s fundraiser I'm going to do the same again

Commented Weejohnten in La Marina 2013-10-09 22:35:22 UTC

Weejohn 10 me too no matter what's said , or done they will moan about it NO more poasting on comments for me.

Commented bluesboytoby in La Marina 2013-10-10 05:45:07 UTC

well done for raising the money,,,, some people would start a row in an empty room.

Commented goonerpeter in La Marina 2013-10-10 09:42:09 UTC

Alan, it was councillor Wiszniewski's idea to pushed through the new by-law regarding charities and associations.  As a direct result of his bully boy tactics PAWS animal rescue volunteers disbanded and very good services to the community ended, many people were frightened away from fund raising. He even gloated about it stating that the local police will arrest people involved in fund raising if they are not registered. These comments are still on the councillors blog:
"All Associations operating in San Fulgencio are required to be registered with the Town Hall. In order for a Charity/Association to hold functions or fundraisers in collaboration with the Town Hall, they should be registered. The Rule of Law is paramount for a civilised society".

Commented Sue in La Marina 2013-10-17 08:30:27 UTC

In the abscence of a response from Pauline and Peter stating which charity they raised the 600 Euros for, legal, registered, or not! And after Sue's comment above, I am wondering if this is part of a long term political conspiracy by councillor Wiszniewski. He has tried to claim the credit for great work done by volunteers in different charities when in fact he did nothing except turn up unannounced to be in a photo shoot!  When a charity doesn't play his game he openly criticises them. Conduct unbecoming of a councillor. He should be supporting all volunteer work, not just that of the chosen few!

Commented Roger in La Marina 2013-10-18 07:37:26 UTC

All I know about this councilor is, I asked for his help in a problem I had, he said he had spoken to the person concerned and nothing could be done. I went to the council offices got it sorted, and this english councilor hadn't even tried to sort out my problem.

Commented Marv.75 in San Fulgencio 2013-10-20 16:02:53 UTC

I see the conspiracy theorists are alive and well

Commented Scotty in La Marina 2013-10-20 18:11:04 UTC

jeff wisznieski happens to be scottish with an accent.

Commented bluesboytoby in La Marina 2013-10-21 19:41:53 UTC

Whatever he is he's british isn't he, but he told me lies.

Commented Marv.75 in San Fulgencio 2013-10-21 20:14:01 UTC

British but not english.

Commented bluesboytoby in La Marina 2013-10-22 08:47:42 UTC

bluesboytoby are you some sort of clown. What difference does it make, what nationality he is, he still told me lies.

Commented Marv.75 in San Fulgencio 2013-10-22 12:34:22 UTC

another one gets rude & personal when you point an error.

Commented bluesboytoby in La Marina 2013-10-22 12:45:35 UTC

Handbags and lipsticks at the ready fisticuffs?.

Commented 2nd Casa in La Marina 2013-10-22 16:27:17 UTC

no 2nd casa not worth the bother i wont waste my time with people who resort to name calling & rudness i left behind years ago.

Commented bluesboytoby in La Marina 2013-10-22 18:09:22 UTC

He is not British , he is polish, jock

Commented davieselz in La Marina 2013-10-23 20:53:46 UTC

he is a british citizen. ask him.

Commented bluesboytoby in La Marina 2013-10-24 08:20:09 UTC

I repeat what difference does it make he told me lies. In my opinion he is useless and is only interested in his €360.00 attendance allowance. Do you know how much we pay this person every month.

Commented Marv.75 in San Fulgencio 2013-10-24 15:57:21 UTC

when i said british citizen i was not answering you ,i dont give a dam how much he is paid ,the councilor before him according to peple on this site was a tosser this one is a tosser according to some , i think if they got mother terrasa they would not be happy my last word on the subject.

Commented bluesboytoby in La Marina 2013-10-24 16:21:25 UTC

There are lots of lies that come out of that office, i know that for sure.......

Commented Richie in La Marina 2013-10-27 16:26:18 UTC

I have the greatest admiration for Pauline and Peter, they work tirelessly for the needy people of San Fulgencio, my objection is when politicians take the credit for what they do, they should not take credit for the hard work of others regardless of party

Commented Richie in La Marina 2013-10-27 16:40:41 UTC

you got your calculations wrong! He gets €650 for a meeting, he speaks neither of the Spanish dialects and after 5 statutory meetings a month the mercenary politician is getting €35000/year!
If the man had any integrity whatsoever he would resign but no he thinks thinks ripping us off is OK!

Commented Friendlyviking in La Marina 2013-10-27 16:53:04 UTC

Is Spain Democratic? My understanding is that you get who you vote for. If you didn't vote or chose the loser, then wait until the next time.

Commented marko in Quesada 2013-10-27 17:04:20 UTC

The Spanish voting system is different to English. This British councillor only got 223 votes but under Spanish rules he got in, it's not first past the post here.

Commented Marv.75 in San Fulgencio 2013-10-27 17:34:26 UTC

Still confused. 223 votes out of how many who bothered?

Commented marko in Quesada 2013-10-27 17:59:58 UTC

Hi Marco,good to see you still have the heart to keep putting comments on here. I think the voting system in Spain,Is different to anything I have ever seen. I have tried working out how it works ,the only thing I can see, Is that you vote for a party not a person ,each party then nominates a list of people in that party.Then after the votes are counted,The percentage of all votes are then distributed to the relevant parties,This is then turned into party seats,The parties then, give their amount of seats to the members on there list,normally from top to bottom.
Putting it into figures if 2000 people vote and party A,GET 1000 VOTES THEY GET 50% OF THE SEATS AVAILABLE,If party B get 400 votes ,they get 20% of the available seats,and so on.
Not sure if this is the correct thinking, As nobody seems to understand the correct working,so until someone explains it I will stick to my guesswork.
To my way of thinking some of the comments on this forum, indicate a few people know the system ,well enough, to tell us all how it works

Commented Alan in La Marina 2013-10-27 18:51:25 UTC

It seems to me that the urbanisation pays over 120,000 euros a year for the office for the urbanisation, for what??

Commented Richie in La Marina 2013-10-28 07:01:01 UTC

Friendlyviking I cannot agree with your comment about Jeff not speaking Spanish. He has helped me on several occasions when i needed someone to interpret with regards to the SAT Charity Shop. I am not taking sides in any argument but I think you should speak the truth., and if you don't know, don't assume.

Commented Caroline in La Marina 2013-10-28 17:18:19 UTC

Thats exactly right Alan, but quiet often they dont take the candidates in the order they are listed.

Commented johnmckernanjnr in La Marina 2013-10-28 17:25:51 UTC

Wake up all of you who complain about the electoral system. This is not Britain. This is Spain. A democratic country. With a democratic electoral system.

Commented reindeer keeper in La Marina 2013-10-29 13:46:16 UTC

The electoral system they use in Spain, is a system the left wing tried to introduce in Britain, and that was rejected by the government as an unfair system. Britain and most countries use the first past the post system.

Commented Marv.75 in San Fulgencio 2013-10-29 16:54:21 UTC

The electoral system they use in Spain is a more democratic system! It is not true that most countries use the first past the post system. Maybe in other parts of the world but not in Europe. Each vote has the same value.

Commented reindeer keeper in La Marina 2013-10-29 22:19:07 UTC

Well if that is the case why did Britain discard the idea, and why did the independant party not get in here in San Fulgencio as they got 465 votes.

Commented Marv.75 in San Fulgencio 2013-10-30 07:01:39 UTC

davehowells2003, have you ever heard the word "majority"? If you do not understand the word I suggest you look it up.

Commented reindeer keeper in La Marina 2013-10-30 08:08:25 UTC

Dave the reason the UK did not adopt the system is that it would abolish the unfair system that they use to keep themselves in power. Turkeys do not vote for christmas!

Commented johnmckernanjnr in La Marina 2013-10-30 09:56:35 UTC

Lets face it proportional representation,is normally a farce,yes most Countries use it, it is something that gives the smaller unknown person a chance to believe he is important.At the moment San Fulgencio has a party with 8 councilors,the other 9 are members of other parties,Meaning thatv to run the Council the PP need one more vote than they can muster,so being totally Un democratic,they are able to get one of the other nine people to vote with them 9 votes at every meeting against the 8 in opposition.
Now if I was the Leader of the PP,I would pick on the weakest link,of the opposition, who has very little that he is going to fight for,and undoubtably not quite qualified to get things done,then offer him a deputy Mayor position (no need to worry about him ever having to do the job,as I would make four or perhaps five Deputies,and then forget to tell him he is bottom of the list for the job,then give him something that he really wants and that is a few staff who just happened to of been on his party list at voting time a cushy job, plus an office away from the main Councillors,so that I could forget he existed,Let him be the deputy Mayor who attends the special Deputies meeting on overpaid expenses (that way the Local people couldn't complain about the expenses coming out of the Suma money as it is paid from a special kitty in Alicante.I could add one or two more things,I would do.But I suddenly realized,Someone seems to of beaten me to the idea.So thank you to the San Fulgencio Council,it seems that I am not the only person to have a devious nature,when it comes to getting what I want.
Yet again this is my personal feelings,and should not be taken seriously as things cannot be so devious can they?

Commented Alan in La Marina 2013-10-30 09:58:29 UTC

Isn't a proportional representation system used in the European Elections? That must be how UKIP got in, in the first place. There are plus and minus arguments for every system, but still, a party needs enough votes to get representation doesn't it?

DavidHowells, the system was rejected in the UK due to the two main parties not being so keen. I don't think it was a left wing thing, more Liberal Democrat (which it pains me to say, I am one).

Commented marko in Quesada 2013-10-30 10:09:01 UTC

Alan you are so right when you write "Yet again this is my personal feelings,and should not be taken seriously".
It can be difficult for some to understand that a proportional representation is the most democratic way.

Commented reindeer keeper in La Marina 2013-10-30 10:16:36 UTC

y ou have a govenment in the uk at the moment that was elected by less than 50 % of the electorate that voted very democratic i must say.

Commented bluesboytoby in La Marina 2013-10-30 10:33:11 UTC

Yes reindeer keeper,it is very hard to understand that PR is the most democratic way to go.
Expecially when the party with the least votes ,gets a seat on the ruling Council ,Democratic,I don't think so.
Marco yes the European voting is by PR. and probably UKIP are very grateful. Also true you need votes to get onto the Council,But when the Party who polled the least votes,gets a seat on the ruling Council,it does seem a bit odd to me.
blues boy toby.It may well be the first past the post is not the best way.But at least you vote for whom you believe to be the best man for the job,and not the party your choice works for. At least what has happened in the U.K. at the moment,doesnt occur very often, With PR. the habit seems to always happen and the weakest party ,gets power it is not entitled to ,because that is the nature of the beast
M personal opinion as always

Commented Alan in La Marina 2013-10-30 11:14:43 UTC

Alan, it is not uncommon for major and minor parties to work together in a democratic country. In this way a government is formed by a majority of voters. Maybe you should study how the countries in the EU are dealing with this. Maybe you will be surprised! If you are not too stubborn and see politics as religion.

Commented reindeer keeper in La Marina 2013-10-30 12:15:43 UTC

.When I put my opinion on these pages at least I accept other people have different views (That is part of Democracy)perhapa you could learn something yourself about that.
Because I didn't 100% agree with your thoughts doesn't make me stubborn,It makes me believe that others have opinions that differ to mine,
Perhaps if you explain to me why the PIPNs 208 votes makes the PP the fairly elected majority party for San Fulhencio,when everybody seems to realize that the PIPNs 208 votes have absolutely nothing to do with what happens in the everyday workings of San Fulgencio. Of course that includes Jeff being made to look pretty silly a few times,when the PP apparently forgot to inform him of changes they had made to plans they had made but then changed them.but apparently your true democracy allowed that to happen so it must be O.K.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2013-10-30 13:02:03 UTC

Alan, simple mathematics. More than 50% of 17 is 9. Simple! Why not the other parties, PSOE and A.P.S.F.U., want to cooperate with P.I.P.N. is another question. You will have to ask them yourself.
.PP 8 1170 42.48 %
PSOE 4 689 25.02 %.
A.P.S.F.U. 4 583 21.17 %
P.I.P.N. 1 209 7.59 %
C.M.COMPROMIS 0 65 2.36 %

Commented reindeer keeper in La Marina 2013-10-30 13:29:28 UTC

Now we are getting somewhere,I will concede that 50.07 is more than 50%,
In a true Democracy, would you agree that63,65 is better than 50.07.
If as you claim your thinking is pure Democracy,surely the highest amount in favour would rule.
Obviously you would have to rule out PSOE,purely on the ground,they just disagree with whatever the PP say.So that leaves the other party of four seats .twelve seats in power over 63% odd voters.
Problem PP would have is they would have to concede more and share out the available jobs,and would have to learn to listen so although fairer in Democratic means.Not so good as giving jeff a few tit bits and ignoring what he thinks. That is what you call the best way, can you wonder why I find it hard to accept it.
My personal opinion,but still not stubborn

Commented Alan in La Marina 2013-10-30 15:30:02 UTC

And 100% is more than 63.65%. But in countries with that kind of thinking you will not find democracy.
If you can get a coalition of parties with similar views on important issues it is good enough if you get more than 50%.

Commented reindeer keeper in La Marina 2013-10-30 16:22:55 UTC

Hopefully,this will be my last comment on this theme is , Do you really believe that at the moment San Fulhencio has a coalition of like minded people who have the same belief on matters of importance? If so why does one party in the coalition on different occasions say,that he was not informed when certain agreements he agreed with were changed and the other side of the coalition forgot to tell him.
This is my personal opinion,

Commented Alan in La Marina 2013-10-30 19:26:10 UTC

Alan, unlike you, I have not argued for or against the governing of San Fulgencio. I have tried to explain how a democratically elected majority can work together to control a municipality. And how many different parties can come together and work together to implement changes. But above all we must remember that we live in Spain. With Spanish laws.

Commented reindeer keeper in La Marina 2013-10-30 20:28:38 UTC

Alan I agree with you 100%, and as you obviously know more about this unfair system than I do, I bow to your superior knowledge.

Commented Marv.75 in San Fulgencio 2013-10-31 08:01:51 UTC

Alan, your opinion about how the votes in an election should be used is scary. You clearly believe that all except P.I.P.N. shall cooperate in governing to get nearly 90 %. Why then have an election? Is that your opinion of democracy?

Commented reindeer keeper in La Marina 2013-11-01 23:52:43 UTC

Wasnt going to put anymore comments on this forum regarding PR. But after your last scary comment,just got to say where did I mention anything about 90% of the votes,in fact I did mention why it shouldn't be 90%.
But I will repeat. THE PP COULDNT ASK THE PSOE TO JOIN THEM,because they are opposites,and would rarely ever agree.But why let the truth be told,when you can fabricate it.
After reading an earlier comment from you,regarding some Countries being run with 100% of the votes ,again don't let fact get in the way of fiction,but you could of added,that these Countries are run by Communist (they only have one party to vote for) Despots who are run by tyranny,and others who are run by so called Royalty,and the running of a Country is passed down through the years.
So please call it a day,there are more important things to talk about,I have had enough of your fairy stories

Commented Alan in La Marina 2013-11-02 08:08:41 UTC

Alan, have you been dreaming? I have never written that some democratic countries are being run with 100% of the votes. Don't let fact get in the way of fiction. That is, as you wrote, countries with only one party.
In normal democratic countries there are different parties with different opinions. If you don't get 50 % or more of the votes you have to cooperate with other parties with, hopefully, nearly same ideas how run the council. Or just hope that you will be supported by the other parties on different questions. A minority government.
If someone is telling fairy stories it is certainly not me. Keep the fairy stories to yourself!
And if you don´t like someone named Jeff it is not my problem. I do not know him.

Commented reindeer keeper in La Marina 2013-11-02 13:00:13 UTC

I didn't state that communism etc was democratic.It was you who put 100% up not me,I just said,why didn't you state who you were taling about.
As for my not liking jeff,i guess that was just another fairy story of yours,why not look through my previoud comments on this Forum,I think you will find as many pros for Jeff as anti.What I do try and do is give my feelings on a particular point, whoever make it,sometimes I agree with Jeff sometimes I don't.In fact I think the worst thing I said about jeff is that he told me a lie,when I once went to his office,and he wouldn't get a second chance,hence anothing I say about jeff I put on here,
As for the 50% plus you keep on about,the art of Democracy is have a Council that is run for the benefit of the people,It is the people that put Councils in place,not to foist their ideas on the only member of the Council,whom they tend to disregard,in most instances,which is being done by given the Deputy Mayors job to him,plus a couple of other posts one is Fiestas of which he doesn't have much to do and the other,keeps him away from the business of the day.
This is my opinion,You will never want to change yours,and somehow I cannot see anything you say as making it seem that PR as it stands is the fairest or best.So I say good bye to pr and reindeer,perhaps we will lock horns,(pun intended)on another subject on this Forum

Commented Alan in La Marina 2013-11-02 14:48:30 UTC

Is there any possibility that you could re-read your posts before you submit them. In this latest one there are over 40 grammatical and spelling errors. I wouldn't normally comment on this but it makes it very difficult to read a post correctly if comments are posted against the wrong subject matter, if full stops and commas are missing or in the wrong place, if there are no spaces between one sentence ending and the next beginning, no space after a comma and sometimes a space before a comma, and the occasional non-capitalisation of personal pronouns.
I'm sure that your browser must have a spell check and grammar check facility that you could use and then cut and paste into the post you want to create.
It really would make your posts easier to read and make it more likely that the point you are making will be read through until the end.
No doubt I will get grief about this and comment that it's the content which is important (to which I agree) and that the style is not (to which I can agree if it's not that frequent). Unfortunately, too many posters don't give enough time to the structure of the post and bash away on their computer without regard to how their thoughts are displayed.
I'm sorry if I offend anybody with this comment as that is not my intention but I do strongly feel that the beautiful English language should not be strangled, least of all by native English speakers.

Commented David in La Marina 2013-11-03 10:37:24 UTC

David, your arrogance is sadly believable. If you have nothing constructive to write about, why bother?

Commented marko in Quesada 2013-11-03 10:44:56 UTC

Arrogant because I want to protect the English language - I think not.
Where was the comment not constructive? I identified the issue and suggested a possible solution. I was polite in my comment, unlike so many that get posted on here and certainly didn't accuse anybody of anything without factual proof, as happens on here nor did I rubbish anyone's reputation without shred of evidence. I merely suggested that correct use of grammer, punctuation and the English languge makes reading of the written text so much easier.
Perhaps you would prefer we all write in text speak and let the most spoken language in the world become redundant.

Commented David in La Marina 2013-11-03 10:55:02 UTC

Tell me who is this arrogant man, who is only worried about spelling and says nothing constructive.

Commented Marv.75 in San Fulgencio 2013-11-03 10:55:47 UTC

This thread is completely out of control , 3 weeks ago it started as a” Charity Night in aid of the Needy of San Fulgencio and La Marina”. Then drifted on to debate the nationality of Jeff and if that’s not bad enough, we then drift further to the pro’s and con’s of proportional representation. Now to top it off we have some egotistical and arrogant man come and give us a grammar lesson!!!

Commented Weejohnten in La Marina 2013-11-03 11:03:02 UTC

Each to there own,
some people may not be up on there comers, And full stops. along with there gramer and spleing but it gives an excuse to post ,picking dem up for it
appy knights an dazeeeeeeee to all,

cor does this thread go on and on and on and onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Commented 2nd Casa in La Marina 2013-11-03 11:30:50 UTC

"I merely suggested that correct use of grammer, punctuation and the English languge makes reading of the written text so much easier.
Perhaps you would prefer we all write in text speak and let the most spoken language in the world become redundant."

David, "grammer" and "languge"? see me after school..... Plus, I thought Chinese was the most common language

Commented marko in Quesada 2013-11-03 12:25:23 UTC

But no one has mentioned flip-flops!!!

Commented reindeer keeper in La Marina 2013-11-03 12:34:51 UTC

No David,I do not feel offendedby what you say.In fact your opinion means little to me.
In mitigation of my errors,I can only say that if you are a regular reader of this Forum you may of noticed that
I have cut down my comments just recently,One of the reasons is I was told that I am suffering from Glocoma.
This means y optic nerve has been damaged for ever,at the moment I am on eye drops and tests,to see how much damaged has been caused and how to stop it getting worse.So I am living in a constant whirl of mistiness,double vision cannot go from light to dark or vice versa without waiting for my eyes to adjust.
So sometimes I hit a comma or a full stop and don't realise it I don't think I make too many spelling mistakes,so a spell checker would be pointless as I wouldn't realise it was working.
Other than that I carry on life as usual.
I will carry on as usual,as I have a feeling you have had a pop at me before,if so as usual no problem to me.
Just had a quick check, found two pops at me recently , both quite laughable as to be pathetic

Commented Alan in La Marina 2013-11-03 12:54:28 UTC

David your comments on spelling are out of order. I'm dyslectic and really have no time for the spelling police. do you really think spelling is more important than content .

Commented rose in La Marina 2013-11-03 14:42:57 UTC

Tell me how can chinese be the most common language When it's only spoken in china and english is spoken all over the world.

Commented Marv.75 in San Fulgencio 2013-11-03 14:46:11 UTC

Well Its Sunday afternoon and I have nothing better to do so thought I would have a look on this forum.
Well what a load of old tosh this thread is.
Basically if someone want to support a causes good on them!!! if they are happy to give THEIR money ( not yours) Butt out and get a grip!!!
I don't like proportional voting system but this is Spain that that way it is. The PP had the majority vote and decided to invite Jeff to join then to make a government. ( there decision if you don't like it don't flipping vote for them next time simples!!)
If you don't like Jeff or any other councillor your choice so what!! At least theses people who put them self out there have got off there bums and tried, not arm chair politicians. If you don't like it stand up or shut up.
The la marina Town hall well my opinion it is a good thing and I hope it continues who ever gets in at the next election.
Spelling police get a life you sad T**t
tin hat on knock your sad self's out this should keep you going for a while.

Commented rose in La Marina 2013-11-03 15:05:02 UTC

Sorry to hear about your eyesight problems, but at least your sense of humour is still there. I've looked back on Davids previous comments to you and must admit, he sounds like my French teacher (I don't speak French).'

Commented marko in Quesada 2013-11-03 15:07:48 UTC

The purpose of language is to communicate with those around us, if those around us understand us it has served its purpose, no amount of . or, and the odd there instead of their makes any differance as long as the intended audiance understand. The fact that we are so tribal and want to preserve our own language indicates how little we have evolved.

Commented johnmckernanjnr in La Marina 2013-11-03 15:27:41 UTC

David, can you have a word with Davehowells2003 grammar?
his quote
'Tell me how can chinese be the most common language When it's only spoken in china and english is spoken all over the world.'
end quote

Then I'll give him the 'Math' lesson of how many Chinese speak their OWN language, against Spanish and then English.

Commented marko in Quesada 2013-11-03 15:28:44 UTC

God I'm losing the will to live.......................who gives a flying duck about Chinese people speaking Chinese. I'm going to lay awake worry about this

Commented rose in La Marina 2013-11-03 15:46:03 UTC

Maybe you should be concerned Rose. My main problem is against the self appointed 'Grammar Police'. If you start questioning free speech just because a comma isn't there, then something is wrong.

Commented marko in Quesada 2013-11-03 16:01:30 UTC

Sorry I'm with David on this. How many people put 'I must "OF" done this' instead of 'I must HAVE done this?

Commented Peter Horsfield in La Marina 2013-11-03 16:17:16 UTC

And the misunderstanding is?

Commented marko in Quesada 2013-11-03 16:24:24 UTC

Let's have correct English. Spell checks do most of the work.

Commented Peter Horsfield in La Marina 2013-11-03 16:28:30 UTC

davehowells2003, have you ever heard about China-Town in New York. The language there is mostly chinese. I think you can hear chinese spoken all over the world. Not only in China. And in Spain the most common language is not english. Believe it or not it is Spanish!

Commented reindeer keeper in La Marina 2013-11-03 16:43:00 UTC

Its true - Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world - over 14 million and English only 5, strange but true

Commented Souxie in La Marina 2013-11-03 16:47:16 UTC

Well I should be concerned but along with dyslexia, I think I'm developing ADHD !! as for grammar that who granddad was married to init !!

Commented rose in La Marina 2013-11-03 16:51:03 UTC

Must agree with weejohnten, this thread has been broken more than enough, Some of it was my fault, to which I apologize.
But to make amends,Jeffs blog states that Pauline and a few other people have applied for charity status.
So at least we can now get back on track.
It would be helpful if anybody else needs to say anything other than about the Charity status of "Help the needy" would they start a new thread

Commented Alan in La Marina 2013-11-03 18:03:31 UTC

Souxie, I know 5 people who speak English. Maybe we know the same people?

Commented reindeer keeper in La Marina 2013-11-03 18:04:43 UTC

OOO I thought there was a completion going on to make this thread longer than (dare I say it, go on I will) the flip flop thread.
Back to charity's I will support whatever charity that I want to and I don't care to be told O its not this or that, I put my cash were I want to.

Commented rose in La Marina 2013-11-03 18:29:26 UTC

Quite agree with all you have said, just going to slit my throat........... ( oooops to many fullstops)

Commented winterbottomandsophie in La Marina 2013-11-03 22:12:49 UTC

Well to be correct I believe Chinese is the most spoken languge because there are so many of them, but the most spoken language world wide is English, to the extent that to aquire a ship to shore radio operaters license you must speak English. A russian pilot landing in Russia must communicate in English.

Commented Marv.75 in San Fulgencio 2013-11-04 07:36:01 UTC

Well, I did try, Perhaps someone else has got some idea on how to stop thread drift,on this web site

Commented Alan in La Marina 2013-11-04 08:10:34 UTC

So did I Alan, do likewise ignore it. Like you not been posting but for a different reason.

Commented Weejohnten in La Marina 2013-11-04 08:14:20 UTC

Reindeer Keeper I've noticed in the past you are very quick witted, are you from Liverpool by any chance - .maybe this will start a new thread , but I doubt it, all good fun eh

Commented Souxie in La Marina 2013-11-04 08:28:31 UTC

I'm sorry, but can't resist.. Davehowells2003, I think you'll find it's 'Operator' and 'Licence'. One reason to not rely on American spell check software.

Commented marko in Quesada 2013-11-04 09:25:00 UTC

marko, why make a point of not spelling correct English if you use American English spelling? Approximately two-thirds of the world's native speakers of English live in the United States. So what is or is not correct? By the way there are more people in the world with native speakers of Spanish. Number one is Mandarin 北方話.

Commented reindeer keeper in La Marina 2013-11-04 11:39:49 UTC

I had a good crop of mandarins this year.

Commented johnmckernanjnr in La Marina 2013-11-04 14:04:08 UTC

Quite agree with all you have said,
Winterbottom, was you meant to of written.
Rose, I quite agree to what you had written.

I am with David and Peter on this ! It is very hard to actually start reading posts that looks like load of mishmash.

But back on track with Charity. And I wish you luck and longevity on your quest to collect as much monies has you can.

Commented FOX160 in La Marina 2013-11-04 17:34:20 UTC

Fox as I said I'm dyslexic and some times I cannot read my own stuff, so welcome to the
I don't think you will miss anything earth shattering. Is being spell police or grammar police a form of OCD ? just wondering. oopss!!! Almost for got to say something about charity's, would be nice if the Spell and grammar police could form a charity to help us poor unfortunate who are unable to meet there own elevated status.

Commented rose in La Marina 2013-11-04 20:37:15 UTC

I concur its enough to make your flops flip !!!

Commented 2nd Casa in La Marina 2013-11-05 11:13:21 UTC

If pronunciation isn't important then consider -
The teacher said Jack was excellent
The teacher, said Jack, was excellent
Same sentence but meaning totally changed because of pronunciation.
I'm glad that there is at least one or two posters on here who, like me, think the English language is important, both written and spoken.
As for the others, it's easy to understand why the UK education authorities are concerned that immigrants from all countries are getting better grades in English than native English speakers.
However, let's get back to the gossip, libellous comments and bile that get people excited on this forum.

Commented David in La Marina 2013-11-05 12:38:16 UTC

David - well said !!!!! English teacher maybe ?

Commented Souxie in La Marina 2013-11-05 12:40:19 UTC

Most of the under 40's that I have asked do not have any trouble reading and understanding these threads.. I think it is just that older people find it hard to adapt as the world is changing so quickly even to reading and writing modern ways.. Maybe that should be another thread.

Commented johnmckernanjnr in La Marina 2013-11-05 12:48:18 UTC

David, thank-you for giving me a laugh. Perhaps Jack and his teacher had mutual respect for each other. I would point out that they both, or you, should have finished their sentences in a full stop.

Commented marko in Quesada 2013-11-05 14:35:47 UTC

Um...that's a change of punctuation...not pronunciation!

Commented mail in Quesada 2013-11-05 16:16:47 UTC

That´s got nothing to do with pronunciation, the sentences are to do with punctuation.

Commented lindayea in Almoradi 2013-11-05 16:35:22 UTC

Damn, I missed that one.

Commented marko in Quesada 2013-11-05 17:01:58 UTC

Come on Marko, stay awake, I am relying on you to keep David on his toes, I have noticed over the last day or so that he is getting a bit slip-shod. ())I think I have finished with a full stop, cant see my comma's from my full -stops at the moment.)

Commented Alan in La Marina 2013-11-05 18:49:44 UTC

ENOUGH FULL STOPS ,!!! Enough is enough.

Commented Robert in La Marina 2013-11-05 19:36:19 UTC

Actually, it is punctuation not pronunciation that changes the whole meaning of a sentence in writing.

Commented Patricia in La Marina 2013-11-05 19:42:18 UTC

Trying my best Alan, but only have 5 C.S.E's and a 25 mtr swimming certificate.

Commented marko in Quesada 2013-11-05 19:51:08 UTC

OMG my flips have just flopped , is the comma in the right place.

Commented davieselz in La Marina 2013-11-05 20:40:38 UTC

I think you meant punctuation not pronounciation.

Commented jaytee in La Marina 2013-11-05 21:20:58 UTC

We appear to have a little war here. The Spell and grammar police versus the renegades who will just not conform. hang on renegades I will make our last stand. !.,';~?,,,,..!.."".:;''~ there you go overdose on that you pesky S&P police............. up the revalushion !!! lol

Commented rose in La Marina 2013-11-06 17:21:09 UTC

You do realise Rose that, you are now our leader. !?/(*%$#

Commented johnmckernanjnr in La Marina 2013-11-06 19:44:40 UTC

A secretary got an expensive pen as a gift from her boss.
She sent him a 'Thank you note' by email.
Boss’s wife read the email and filed for divorce.
The email said: "Your penis wonderful and I enjoyed using it last night. It has extra ordinary smooth flow and a firm stroke. I loved its perfect size and grip. Felt like I was in heaven when using it.
Thanks a lot"
Moral: A "space" is an essential part of English grammar.

Commented Peter Horsfield in La Marina 2013-11-07 10:26:04 UTC

Alternative Moral....
Don't buy your secretary an expensive pen as a gift, when your wife only gets a Bic or one from Argos or Paddy Power.

P.S. Had to add the edit, never give you wife your Email address and password.

Commented marko in Quesada 2013-11-07 13:52:41 UTC

Sorry Marko I thought mine comment was relevant to the way the thread has gone so far.
Your turn.
I think this must be the longest thread so far.... But what do I know?

Commented Peter Horsfield in La Marina 2013-11-07 15:41:59 UTC

Patricia I think it's pronunciation that changes the meaning, because when I say, I aint got none, it means that I must have some.

Commented Marv.75 in San Fulgencio 2013-11-07 18:52:41 UTC

Sorry to add to this thread, but one thing which comes to my mind is even if spell check was used it would not pick up "pardon" as a mistake as it is a correctly spelt word in its own right.

Commented Tim in La Marina 2013-11-07 19:39:40 UTC

Yes and to register with pardon is something peculiar. Pardon the joke. Not ment to offend any person.

Commented reindeer keeper in La Marina 2013-11-08 09:14:12 UTC

right then!

Commented Patricia in La Marina 2013-11-09 09:05:36 UTC

When asked to punctuate the following sentence "Woman without her man is nothing" male students wrote "Woman, without her man, is nothing." female students wrote "Woman! Without her, man is nothing."
What a difference a comma can make!

Commented ann-ward in Quesada 2013-11-09 17:01:36 UTC