I can no longer support PIS animal charity

As most people know I supported PIS animal charity for many years I fostered animals, helped fund raise and let them store furniture at my home.
After the events of this week where that have abused a disabled lady in the street and told untrue story's also made threats against on open FB . I can no longer support these nasty people I have seen them in there true colours .
I my self was stopped in the street by them and they were most intimidating when I wouldn't agree with there ridiculous stories.
For the record the lady agreed to adopted a dog in reality she was not fit enough to look after this dog it is sad when a dog adoption Fails
The women tried by different methods to return the dog she phoned who she thought was the owner to be told they were only fosters and were leaving for England and that she should contact PIS .
She did this but the refused to help saying it was not a PIS even though it was advertised on the P I S charity site.
The lady had no option but to take the dog to the Police station and then she contacted PIS informing them were the dog was.
did they go for the not until the next day . Then they and some of there follower abused this women as she passed the shop on her mobility scooter .
As I have looked after animals as a emergence foster for them I can say that at no time did they contact me and ask if I could look after the dog until a suitable foster could be found .
All this lady did was let her heart rule her head and she took on a dog she clearly could not handle .
As the lady was know to PIS I really believe they new she was not a good candidate for this dog .
Now it would appear they are running a hate campaign against this woman .
I will never support PIS animal charity again .
They are a sad parody of human beings .

La Marina

By PIS do you mean Pets In Spain, if so this really doesn't surprise me as horrible as that sounds as its run by mark Lewis and his wife, the same mark Lewis that is running with a man convicted of corruption. So not only is he a man with no morals he seems to be a bully as well. Disgusting that this would happen to anyone let alone someone that has a disability.
I for one will not be voting for him and hope people would agree. It would be a disgrace if he and his party won.

Commented electioncampaign in La Marina 2015-04-26 15:23:13 UTC

The unfortunate thing about this problem with Pets in Spain, Is that what ever did occur, It is not only Pets in Spain that suffer, But in different ways most of the Charities will regret what has been reported that the good work done by many people who work mainly free of charge, will be undone, because some people will withhold donations if they think nasty thoughts about all charities

Commented Alan in La Marina 2015-04-26 16:56:23 UTC

Yes that's who it was however I'm not interested in political point scoring .
I only want to make my point that the abuse of this lady should stop.
Sadly for whatever reason the adoption failed and when she turned for help it was refused her. That is not a good advertisement for any animal charity .
I'm just making my point I will not be intimidated this lady should not have been bullied. I have withdrew my support for this charity .I'm sure I will have to endure A little more intimidation but I don't care everyone has there last straw and I've just had mine . I've openly put my name to this it's not rumour judge me as you will. Alan you make a valid point but what is the alternative to sit by and condone disabled woman being abused. I have been a loyal supporter of this and other charity's this was not a easy disishion to make Rose Moore

Commented rose in La Marina 2015-04-26 17:56:09 UTC

Rose Moore is complicit in trying to denigrate the reputation not only of great charity providing a very valuable service to the community, also that of the longest serving elected British councillor, active in the local community for 20 years and founder member of two charities. Is it just a coincidence that a personal friend of Rose Moore on her Facebook is councillor Jeffrey Wisznieski. He has written a comment on her open page with a request for more people to condemn the charity. Scandalous behaviour from an elected representative in the Town Hall. 
Rose Moore today enlisted the cooperation of a man by the name of Paul Bradley, whom I can only describe from his facebook photo as looking like a thug, he has stated his willingness to "crack a few heads"! Perhaps Rose Moore and councill Wiszniewski will advise us exactly who's heads are going to be cracked?

Commented Sue in La Marina 2015-04-27 06:48:44 UTC

Sue thank you for you comments
I have in the past supported mark politically and I had planed to post his leaflets but I have also withdrawn my political support for him . As I. do not want a councillor who is capable abusing disabled people in the street. I am now undecided who to vote for but I will be voting and it will not be for mark .

I am a friend of jeffs just like I was a friend of marks and I know some of the PP members also the new party of young Spanish boys .. I have no axe to grind in fact I believe more Brits should stand up and enter the election as would be councillors it would only make our voice stronger

As for Paul I'm sure it was just o of the cuff remark, just I assume your comments about how he looks are.
I can tell you as Paul was the landlord f the George pub and a well liked person on the urb he has supported many charity in his time not just one . Paul was a leading person in the fund raising for a local man Doc who sadly died of cancer it was a very peoplular fundraising
I have a a lot of people on my face book and yes they can make off the cuff remarks . Anyone who views my FB will see it's a no holes barred and sometimes very funny page . That is if voyeurism is your thing you wish to view it your free to do so

Was it a off the cuff remark from Yvonne when she call the disabled woman scum an witch and said she had better run . Which given her degenerate illness is just about impossible, if it was off the cuff she should have removed it from her FB not defended her Ill though out words

Mark did his own charity no service when he dicidered to attack this women and later myself in the street . I wonder would he have attacked a man, or maybe if I had a husband would he have attacked me I very much dought it

Sometimes the truth hurts, and sometimes people fight back as I have . I will not be intimidated by anyone . I would imagine you attacking Paul has just lost mark a few more votes you should check out who you are on about
You should have checked your facts with my neighbour Mark about my past political affiliations

Commented rose in La Marina 2015-04-27 08:10:25 UTC

On a lighter note I'm sat here chuckling who would have thought Paul ( basher ) looked like a thug lol never. Lol

Lol who would have thought that .......lol carry on you will intimidate everybody and lose mark the election .........crack on

Mark is happy to at atack and abuse single women and disabled women maybe Paul is old school and dislikes that kind of thing .

If you was writing a book it would be called… How to lose an election

Commented rose in La Marina 2015-04-27 09:43:56 UTC