Home Owners in ANDALUCIA: How to register your property for tourist rentals…

Owners who rent out their Andalusian homes to tourists now have less than three months to register with the local authorities or face stiff fines.

After posting an article regarding this matter back in February together with the tremendous response that it received, we have decided to publish information supplied to us by the firm of lawyers in Marbella, Martinez-Echevarria Abogados. Please by all means leave your comments and remarks (on the article page) which we will publish.

In February 2016, after a long struggle, Andalusia finally passed its own regional holiday rental law in the wake of much upheaval. This article serves as a gentle reminder on this new law to all those landlords who are currently letting out property in the region of Andalusia or intend to in the near future. We strongly advise to heed the guidance we provide below and not to ignore this new piece of legislation. The fines for non-compliance are very steep (ranging from £1,500 to £115,000).

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