La Zenia Boulevard

Hello All

I am just wondering if anyone has any information on the application of the jobs at the new shopping centre. The new shopping complex will open 3000 positions - but how does one apply?

Any info would be great.


Joolz x


Hi Joolz
Im sorry to hear about yourpurse and I have no info for you however if you dont mind I would like to hear about the new shopping complex at La Zenia, I wasnt aware of this ans although im not after as job its always good to have new info for my holiday guests

many thanks

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The new complex is due to open in Sept....fingers crossed. It is going to be huge with 150 shopping outlets plus eateries and play areas, and possible bowling etc.
Google it ' La Zenia Boulevard ' there are a few articles online. All very exciting!

Joolz x

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Thanks Joolz!

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La Zenia Boulevard is being built in La Zenia, along the N332 just past Playa Flamenca. Just 15 minutes drive from Quesada x

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