Houses being pulled down

I was watching a program last week about Homes from hell and it showed a villa being pulled down a few years ago in this area, I was wondering if this sort of thing is still going on? The reason for asking is that I have seen some very nice villas for sale on this site that look very cheap. 3 bed villas with pool for 150,000 euros Now I know this is cheap, is it because there are still problems in the area and the owners want to pass the problem on. Or that the properties are a great deal?

I would love to hear what the locals have to say


The property market here is dead due to the recession. There are a lot of properties for sale with no-one buying, so prices are very low because people need to sell. It is very much a buyers market !

Commented Maz in La Marina 2012-04-05 21:35:21 UTC

The property market is not dead here, yes I agree there are many cheap properties but also some fantastic bargains and value for money properties that are supurb investments for the future.
No Villas are being pulled down and the areas that had problems have now been resolved.
The Villa that you saw being pulled down was in Andalucia.
If you are looking for an investment or holiday home now is a good time to buy but make sure you buy from a reputable agent and ensure you do your research of the area you are interested in before you buy.
In general my advice would be to rent first, get to know the area, locals, culture, law and then you can make an informed decision.

Commented Rio in Almoradi 2012-04-06 08:19:40 UTC