Hi we are coming over to our villa in May for 4 days to do some much needed spring cleaning & painting,the problem is i don't really want to spend all week painting when there is so much more to be done including refurbing one of the bedrooms,so the question is does anybody know of any good painters that dont charge British prices[have been quoted 150 pounds a day by some firms).Secondly where would be the best place to get 2 single beds,as we are only there for 4 days we really need to hit the ground running, Thanks Alan & Carole


Hi Know lots of people what is your location and are you painting inside or outside?


Commented Susan Reader in Quesada 2011-04-09 06:33:52 UTC

Hi Susan,we are painting outside.We had it done 16 months ago and it cost £1500 which for the cost we thought would last a bit longer.We came over 2 years ago at roughly the same time to paint but unfortunately the weather was bad & thats why we got somebody in. As regards to location we are overlooking La Marquesa golf course. Alan & Carole

Commented marshallc in Quesada 2011-04-09 07:02:42 UTC

We too overlook the same golf course! We do know someone who we think charges €95 per day but I think I would want a 'quote' for the whole job as some people work faster that others!! Would you like us to put you in touch with him? The beds if you want new I would go to Todo Muebles along the N332 towards La Mata or there is a relatively 'new to you' Muebles in Quesada that have some good stock. Depending on how much time you have there is often furniture at giveaway prices advertised in the free papers. Let me know the date you arrive and we will pick up a week's worth of papers ready for you.

Commented Susan Reader in Quesada 2011-04-09 07:52:19 UTC

RDH Builders are based in Rojales, aswell as building they do painting and special wall finishes which would last much longer. I have imprinted paste on my wall which was done 4 years ago, still looks perfect and has never been painted. This finish is priced per square metre and is 18 euro inc material and labour. If interested contact Rob

Commented Lisa40 in Quesada 2011-04-09 09:17:18 UTC

If your looking for beds try New 2 You in Mar Azul the shop in Quesada is not part of the same company but I am sure they also have good items. New 2 You have a website take a look or call them on 965715605. Karen.

Commented info in Quesada 2011-04-11 06:43:37 UTC

I have use 2 places for furniture "Easy ads" in La Zenia (can't find number) and "Home Comforts" in Los Balcones (966798764). Both a pretty reasonable in prices. I got a really nice computer desk for my son 35€ from Easy ads and I got him a nice bunk bed for Home comforts for 90€. I am due to speak with them today so will ask if they have any single beds and let you know :o)

Commented Christine Polenastics in Cabo Roig 2011-04-11 08:05:27 UTC

Hi i have 2 single beds for sale both have metal base with wooden slats and good mattresses, 50 euros for the 2 contact me on 685302529

Commented mandy ohagan in Quesada 2011-04-11 16:50:20 UTC

Hi again, thanks for all the replies to my posting,as with the old site we are delighted with the great advice & recommendations & have now got the beds that we needed. We have written down all the painters numbers & will be phoning them when we arrive, once again thank you for all your help.

Commented marshallc in Quesada 2011-04-28 09:25:16 UTC