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I've sold my house and am moving to Spain around September this year. Does anyone know what amount of income tax is paid in Spain as a resident, what the rates are for taxation? I have an income of around £20,000 and pay 20% tax in the UK, is it going to be similar or more expensive with all the problems going on around the Eurozone??


Hi, it all depends if you are intending to obtain residency here or not. If you are, you ought to look at the new law that has just come in here in Spain regarding new tax laws "Asset Declaration" this part is for any assets that are individually more than €50,000, eg money in the bank, property, shares, bonds etc. A declaration has to be made for each one, that is NOT HELD IN SPAIN. If you go to the magazine website you should be able to see articles from "The Legal Page" explaining this, and other tax issues. The Company that writes the articles have their own website which may be of help It is complicated but there are Asesoria's that do it all for you, you cannot make this declaration yourself. It's a difficult question to answer because everyone's situation is very different and needs an individual answer. There has been alot printed in the freen english newspapers here, but a lot of it is scaremongering and the facts have not always been correct, so I wouldn't advise following any articles that you may read on their sites etc. Its not a great answer but I hope it helps a bit.

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Hi It depends on where you are going to live as it is annual you can contact Deborah she is brillant and will help you tell her Ena Goldenkeys sent you

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