State Pension Scrapped for people abroad.

Just seen on itv news that the government are going ahead and scrapping all state pensions that are payed to people who love outside the UK. I did not catch the full article but they will be pressing ahead with this.

La Marina

The government are looking at all ways to save money! One thing is to stop paying pensions to people, living abroad, who have not paid into the scheme.

Commented spanglish in Quesada 2013-05-06 21:36:33 UTC

Cant understand,why people who never put anything into the system,should be able to live abroad and get cash from the U.K anyway..

Commented Alan in La Marina 2013-05-07 06:11:58 UTC

Rubbish Andi
They are looking at stopping the state pension of non UK nationals married to Uk nationals whether they live in the UK or Abroad. it is basicaly if the woman married a uk citizen and hadn't worked in the UK then they had paid no contributions and as such would be barred. It has nothing at all to do with people who worked and contributed in UK stopping there pensions if you live abroad. However don't be surprised if the old winter heating allowance doesn't raise its head again in the near future for people who no longer are resident in the UK. I don't think they relise how cold it can be on the Costa Blanca in winter.

Commented Weejohnten in La Marina 2013-05-07 14:20:53 UTC

Yeah and if you put your glasses on mate you will see I said I didn't catch the full story. Only heard bits of it. Which I clearly stated. (Weejontennnnn)

Commented Andi in La Marina 2013-05-07 14:27:07 UTC

OOOH Andi if you would wait for the FACTS,you would have posted accurate info. No further comment from me on the matter or it will turn into circus.

Commented Weejohnten in La Marina 2013-05-07 15:39:18 UTC

Yes, so the people who are entitled to it - those that worked their adult lives in the UK will still receive their entitled state pension, but initially I should of received mine at 60 years of age, now I have to wait until I am 66 years old - another 10 years to go!!!

Commented Linda Reed in La Marina 2013-05-07 16:35:36 UTC

Yes you are correct my wife falls into the same category May 1955

Commented Weejohnten in La Marina 2013-05-07 18:55:20 UTC

Oh NO their NOT Andi. Get your facts straight before you go to print, Ha Ha Ha

Commented Rene in La Marina 2013-05-07 19:14:26 UTC

Hush ya beak Rene and a iron is calling your name.

Commented Andi in La Marina 2013-05-07 20:34:30 UTC


This will only affect people who have never lived in the UK. So expats are protected.

Commented Myra Davis in La Marina 2013-05-08 17:38:04 UTC

I understand it to be, that a wife/husband, who is not british, will not receive a pension. The pension will not be stopped whilst the british pensioner is alive. Maybe I have got it wrong, as I was only half listening to The Queen.

Commented heather19471 in La Marina 2013-05-08 18:38:43 UTC

I'm surprised you even listened to half of what she said, let alone any of it.

Commented Andi in La Marina 2013-05-09 06:33:13 UTC

Thank you Andi, but you seem to be very bitter, some of us have to work, so I was watching The Queen, as I am very proud to be British, whilst I was working. Really, I do not know why I need to explain it to you, It will all be in the papers today. Anyway, why should my taxes go to somebody who has not paid into the system.

Commented heather19471 in La Marina 2013-05-09 08:19:10 UTC

Go back and read the full article before you post alarmist rubbish like this .

Commented jaytee in La Marina 2013-05-09 08:30:23 UTC

Are you suprised???? the way pensions have been treated over i dont know how many years. Whats next? perhaps they will even refuse to pay future personal or Company pensions, nothing would suprise me.

Commented info in Quesada 2013-05-09 16:09:23 UTC

Well said Jaytee - some people like to try and frighten others and have no clue as to what they are talking about - read the full article and understand what you have read before posting such utter crap -

Commented Souxie in La Marina 2013-05-09 18:05:06 UTC

So why did you bother to put your two penneth in then Andi if you didnt bother to listen -

Commented Souxie in La Marina 2013-05-09 18:05:52 UTC