the saga of the missing computer

Informatica at the Bahia Dunas ghost area are fact they hardly are worth writing about but I'm going to, so that nobody else has the misfortune of taking their computer to them to be looked at. My sons computer is still in the shop but unfortunately nobody is in the shop to mend it. My son has flown back to Manchester minus his computer and the guys who run the shop are on holiday.....surely the decent thing to do would be to inform people that they are going that was probably too easy, instead they took the computer and buggered off on holiday!!!! My son has work on his computer that he needs. It was only the backlight that wasn't wonder the place is going to the cleaners. I wont be taking anything there anymore and I'm not the only one...people were waiting outside for someone to appear. The travel agents opposite owned by Tommy as well weren't much fact she was pig ignorant.

La Marina

Bella This is the "ignorant pig" in the Travel Agents Opposit INFORMATICA the computer shop. Informatica is closed for holidays and both people with keys are overseas I have spent days trying to arrange for a set of keys to be available at the TRAVEL AGENTS in order to help you to be able to collect your sons computer. I now have a set of keys so if you would like to come to the TRAVEL AGENTS (as this is where I work and not in the computer shop) with your receipt I can retreive the computer for you. I am here till 6 pm. In my experience shouting being rude and name calling when wanting to enlist the help of someone is not a good idea but some of us rise above it. I was also interested to see that when looking at your posts I am not alone and am the 3rd person on here you have called ignorant, glass houses and throwing stones come to mind.

Commented SHARON in La Marina 2014-08-21 07:54:53 UTC