Warning scammer?

La Marina today 24th of august: A man knocked on the door. He was somewhat desperate because he have had burglars in his house. A locksmith had changed the lock but gone away when he was finished. The man with the family had to go to la Mata to get their new keys. It cost 538€ but they could only take out 500€ in the ATM. Now the man wanted to borrow the rest of us. The family was swimming in the sport complex pool area next to us he said (it costs 5 euros per person, and he had three children). He said he was from Austria and had the house here in 28 years. We said that we could not lend money to him because we did not know who he was. He could not verify his identity. The neighbors did not recognize him either. The house he said he lived in is owned by spanish people and not austrians according to neighbors. Scammer !?

It sounds like the same guy knocked at my door with a similar story last year. He told me the same story about the locksmith, said he was a neighbor and that his wife and 3 children were at the park, thirsty and hungry. I offered him water and snacks for the children but no money. When I asked around, he was not known to anyone in the area.

Commented karenturner1210 in La Marina 2015-08-24 12:42:54 UTC

This is something for Policia Local. Have they been informed ?

Commented reindeer keeper in La Marina 2015-08-24 22:50:31 UTC

Yes, our neighbor, who had also spoken with the man the day before, called the police

Commented bengt.uggla in La Marina 2015-08-25 09:15:54 UTC