Road sweeper

dear councillor Paulinho. Thursday 9.50am
If you remember last week it rained.!!!
During that downpour pebbles garden materials,sand,mud everyday rubbish were washed down from the park on CALLE PARIS , and since then has remained scattered on the road between houses 77-99.
The road sweeper drove along this road on Friday we thought at last they are going to clear it up but guess what HE DROVE ON BY. I thought at least he would report it, but to no avail he hasn't !!!
I have been down San Fulgencio this week and it looks very TIDY.
When will this eyesore be cleared up ?.

Councilor Paulinho. Sat 19th sept 9.50
I have just looked out and noticed 2 work men cleaning up the rubbish.
Thanks for your prompt action.

Commented gerry.harvey45 in La Marina 2015-09-19 08:03:31 UTC