Pool 2 Phase 1, Del Mar 1

The above mentioned pool is in dire need of maintenance. The area around the showers is dangerous, so is the grouting all around the baby pool. The entire pool itself needs a complete overhaul, draining etc to the state that the tiles inside are an absolute dirt magnet, I know I myself have scraped the matter from the grouting.

Good luck with getting anything done BigEd,...the only thing i can suggest is get in touch with the president of the community.
I have tried this on numerous occasions with various different issues,...and all i get is the shrugged shoulder,....Not wanting to tar all presidents of communities,...but the one on MDM1 is a joke

Commented r_moreton in La Marina 2015-09-23 06:58:14 UTC

Dont you have an administrator to deal with communal charges and the upkeep of the communal areas. Who collects the annual charge and makes decision on what money is spent.

Commented Miguel in La Marina 2015-09-23 15:45:13 UTC