Hello to everyone in La Marina and those of us that love the place and of course to La Marina life its nice to be back in contact with everyone again, life has not been the same over the last few months without you all.
I see that the site has a lot more things to be added but at least we have our forum back. I would just like to ask everyone to get registered and tell everyone the forum is back so that we can build our on line community again, and so that I have some one to take to.

Hi. We have recently moved from the UK ( just before the referendum) to La Marina. Lovely area with lots to do and lovely people.
But very concerned about the future in regards to our pensions and health care after the UK leaves!
Such a worrying time for myself and my wife as we are now pensioners.

Would love to hear from anyone in the area that is in the same situation as us. I have noticed that this site has an events calendar which you can add any events. What would be a great idea if we could all get together in a local bar and have a good ole chin wag!
Then we can add the bar and the date and time on the events calendar?
anyone out there interested?
Our very best wishes.
Bob and Sandra x

Commented virgobob7 in Comunidad Valenciana 2017-05-05 11:11:27 UTC

Dear Sandra and Bob.
Firstly, welcome to Spain!

Many thanks for joining our forum. Like you we are hoping that people will start to use this once more, as it was very popular in the past.
The Forum was designed for the sole purpose to use for people to get in contact with each other.
We do not allow things to be sold on our Forum ( Like others)
You mentioned our events calendar and you are 100% correct in what you are saying.
It can be used by our members to let people know of any forthcoming events. We welcome owners of local bars to post on our events calendar
letting local people know of what their bar has lined up for the future. Entertainment, Bingo, charity events etc.
Just click the date it is happening and let people know!
It is 100% free to use and you can let all our members know of your forthcoming events.

Anything we can help you with, then please let us know.

Commented Support in Alicante 2017-05-05 12:19:10 UTC

Hi Admin

Thats for letting us know. We did try another Forum in the Quesada area, but for too confusing for our old brains!
We will try and help in getting people talking again on here.

Commented virgobob7 in Comunidad Valenciana 2017-05-05 12:29:49 UTC