I see from all the post about the elections tomorrow that there is a lot of interest from the large group of Ex-pats that have made Spain their home. I think that it is a shame that we have only just started to get information about what is going on and who to vote for so close to the day. I find forums like this very useful as a means to keeping up with what is going on, and would like to see on going information as to what the next elected party are doing and how we can get involved, and not just a last minute rush. I for one have checked out the PP party and find them good enough for my vote so lets all get behind what is going on in our new home.

I will get off my soap box now.


I agree with you 100% Bobby. There is a large group of us now that are here to stay and we need to have a voice and get involved in the local government. It would be nice to get regular updates as I am sure that our votes are important.

But why are we only getting post by the PP party where are all the others?

Commented Tina in La Marina 2011-05-21 09:10:54 UTC

Yes, I find it amazing that no party sent us any information. Details of their policies, how to vote, times, events etc would have been really useful and would no doubt have increased their votes. The fact that neither party thought of that is worrying. I would have liked to participate but as I have only been here about 6 months, I don´t know enough about the politics of Rojales to do so. More knowledge would have encouraged me to vote. Why on Earth did all the parties forget the English and Dutch etc population?

Commented scruggs in Quesada 2011-05-21 17:26:32 UTC