La Marina


When you do a Google search for what people search the most for when they are looking for information about Spain I am sure it will not surprise anyone that is English that the most comment term is WEATHER thats right the Brits are obsessed by the weather.

What is the weather like in Torrevieja or Quesada or La Marina are searched for more than flights or bars or things to do in these areas.

What is it with the British and the weather, does it matter if it is raining in La Marina or Torrevieja? They are still great places to visit and so much to do.

But recently I found out the reason for this worry and nervousness by my fellow Europeans, I decide to see for myself and went to the sunny shores of England in the summer, but wait where was the sun, what had happened to the weather, I got off the plain in Birmingham so I was in the right place I checked my watch and that was correct it was mid day, I even checked the date of the news paper I was carrying and that told me it was August the 27th , putting all these facts together I looked up again expecting to see the sun shining high in the sky as it had been only 2 hours before as I left Spain. It was not there no matter how hard I looked the sun had been stolen.

I followed the crowd of passengers to the terminal and went though customs and baggage within no time, only to emerge the other side standing by the taxi rank with still no sign of the sun.

I was then forced to ask what was going on, and stopped a few friendly looking people " Hi where is the sun where is the summer weather"? I got the same answer from everyone, "this is summer"

You should have checked on Google