AFTERNOON TEA Thursday 28th February

QUESADA COUNTRY CLUB are hosting their very first Afternoon Tea on Thursday 28th February - Anita and Dave who are great supporters of The Children's Home in Elche will be having their very first Afternoon Tea starting at 1.00p.m.until 4.30p.m. The price per person is €7.50 and Katharine Ralph "The Queen of Cakes" will be supplying and serving all the cakes. There will be a raffle during the afternoon to raise more funds for The Children in Elche. QCC continues to be a collectiong point for pasta, rice, tuna and tomatoes as they have been for the last few months and now I am asking if when you do your shopping you could add just one small item and drop in into The Country Club - basic food will go direct to the children but if you can donate something suitable for a hamper this will be raffled once a month and the money will go direct to the children - there are no adminstration costs - everything you donate goes to the children. If you have a suitable large hamper basket in good condition tucked away in your cupboard or underbuild, we would love to have it rather than buy a new one! Many thanks.... Susan Reader


There are still a few places left for Afternoon Tea and Christine Quinlan from Body Harmony will be joining us to tell anyone who is interested about Indian Head Massage, Reiki, Reflexology and much more! Call 966 719 160 to book your Afternoon Tea

Commented Susan Reader in Quesada 2013-02-21 09:49:28 UTC

Idea for collaboration
I think the Afternoon Tea at the Quesada club is a great idea. I remember a few years back seeing the big bands playing at the Quesada club and the dance floor was always chokka with modern/ballroom and swing type dancers all dressed in their finery, bling and dancing shoes.(and that was just the men haha). How about having a monthly Afternoon Tea Dance i'm sure there would be plenty in attendance

kind regards


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Hi Debra

I organised a dance demonstration at La Herradura a while back and the "next step"pardon the pun ws to have an old style tea dance - we still have time before the weather warms up!! Send me your email or email me or pop into the Country Club on Thursday - if you can get the half the people I will organise the event and get the other half maybe more!! Susan

Commented Susan Reader in Quesada 2013-02-25 17:26:47 UTC

Hi Sue
I'm not resident on Quesada i'm semi resident and don't get an opportunity to attend many of the great events advertised in the area as im UK based
Can I suggest you ask on the forum who might like to attend and also get some feedback from customers at the Quesada club. The Sunday lunch customers at the Quesada club would be a great target market to ask given the varied age group and size of the clientelle? Also Quesada Bowls Club members would be an ideal customer group.

Also it might help to look up the Vega Baja Band or similar bands and find out where they advertise and who their customers are.

I'm not of the dance band generation ( bit younger) but I know a great event when I see one and the couple of times Ive seen it up at the Quesada club it really was a big success (these were evening events but the afternoon does suit a lot of people)

I hope you manage to pull it off and I wish you every success with it.

In the meantime to throw a little something else into the mix in terms of entertainment, there's a new company in the UK called " I haven't stopped dancing yet" that's for all of us over 40s from the disco era who really haven't stopped dancing yet but cant find a venue to meet our needs. Probably another great idea that could be developed further on the costas !

kind regards


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