Fiesta weekend 2013

Well done to the organizers, What a great weekend once again!
There are only two little things that maybe food for thought for next year: (I am not moaning as I really did enjoy it!) ....... Instead of Friday - Nostalgia Rock (which was great), Saturday - teenagers & teeny boppers night (Also enjoyable) and Sunday - nostalgia English & Spanish rock(Spot on!). It would have been better to have mixed it up a bit and put on something for everyone on each night. Also the Paella, although free and taking into consideration we are in a recession it was very nice, but I had rice & a couple of scrawny bones no meat, snails or veg. I also noticed it wasn't the normal caterers, so that may have been why. Perhaps we could have had a few less fireworks and added another chicken or rabbit or two. Better still have our old caterers back.
Well done all the same!

La Marina

Drove past the Park area on C / Monaco were the kid's play, what a filthy mess left from the firework display, also looks like some if it has been dumped in the gully drain area as well.
Good fire work display, must have cost an absolute fortune, however pity the Fire work display people did not clean up when they had finished, hope it's not left to long as it will only blow onto the paths and roads.

Commented electrons in Elche 2013-08-05 15:52:00 UTC

Yes we went on Saturday night and what a great night it was too, other than finding somewhere to sit was a bit of a nightmare, but with the amount of people there it wasnt surprising. This is the first time we have been as we live in Elche but spend alot of time in La Marina, and will defo go again next year. Well done to the organisers.. and thank you

Commented Souxie in La Marina 2013-08-05 16:16:05 UTC

Yes totally agree fab fiesta....can I say a big thank you to Posh Palace who supplied some more plates on.Sunday when they caterers ran out. However I am a little disappointed at one of the bars right behind where the paella was being served.....I had alittle bit of heat exhaustion and just needed a chair with some shade, so we moved one of their chairs just slightly into a shaded area under their canopy and was told no we couldn't do that. There must have been over 100 chairs.....and nobody was sat on them. Shame on you....

Commented Vicky in La Marina 2013-08-05 22:25:10 UTC