Press release from the Councillor of Urbanisations, San Fulgencio

Good evening,

Following the current press releases made my Councillor Paulino Herrero and opposition councillors, please find attached the reply made by Councillor Jeff Wiszniewski.


We have had enough: The opposition appears to blatantly lie whenever they speak. We have not defended ourselves up until now, but we are tired of the attacks, that are without foundation. We do not want to get into any type of game and prefer to devote our efforts to the Urbanisation. Not like those who do NOT EVEN fulfil their duties of ATTENDING ALL COUNCIL MEETINGS.

The opposition dedicates itself to constantly denouncing the government team. The reason for this is, perhaps,that some of these people are well known to the Courts and that they putting up smoke screens, by trying to bring spurious actions against the current team.

The salaries of the advisers, as of that of the Councillor, are significantly lower than the opposition claim. This can be seen in official documents.

The advisers work hard to try to improve the Urbanisations as, until now, the majority of improvements made by the current opposition, when they were in power, were made in the village.

Another spurious claim from the opposition is the claim, that one of the advisers does not come into work.

Instead, it was well known that it was their own advisers who, in some cases, neither knew their working hours nor the location of their job.

Moreover all advisers - of course - are part of the same party and therefore there are ties of friendship and also family members between them. Which does not show any dirty dealings.

All current councillors earn LESS than those when the opposition members were in power..

Councillor Jeff Wiszniewski denies the claims of Paulino Herrero, in which he accuses him of invading his area of responsibility and not allowing him to do his job. When the real problem was that Mr Herrero, appeared to interfere in some of the areas of responsibility of Councillor Jeff Wiszniewski.

Apparently there was a degree of envy and resentment by Councillor Herrero, as he expected to be the Councillor for the Urbanisations, in a completely PP run government. This however was not the case and does not justify his attack in the Press on Councillor Wiszniewski. Aspirations are one thing and reality, quite another.

The recent attack in the Press by Councillor Herrero, appears to be trying to discredit the PIPN, which includes discrediting certain members of PIPN, on a personal level.

Mr Herrero who's responsibility is for Parks and Gardens, should focus on his own job as he has many things to do. There are always many complaints to handle and we believe he should resolve the problems he has with his own party. We have always been prepared to work alongside all the PP Councillors, and have done so, without any animosity, in the past.

And finally, the opposition as well as so called friends of Mr Herrero continue to belittle our successes such as fundraising for charitable causes, organising excellent fiestas etc., things that are for the benefit of our Urbanisations: that is who we are.

La Marina

Are you aving a fu&&ing laugh.
Who cares about what you guys earn, who cares about your assistants, if you were trying to do the best for the Urb, them help businesses stay open help the community feel like a community, bring back the dam Xmas lights on the streets make people want to spend there money here not in other towns.
What have you done for the urbanisation, more shops have closed down since you been in power, get out on the streets and see the people who own / run shops / bars as see what you can do to help.
That entire statement above makes me laugh because its not about money, its not about charity it's not about anything other than trying to improve this Urb and all you have done is watch it fall apart in past 2 years.
Could I do a better job, no, but you shouldn't of promised things you can't deliver on.

Commented Andi in La Marina 2013-08-17 20:46:38 UTC

Andrew, How come recently you were so bothered about the council and their 'lackies' salaries, yet now you say it's all about business?The council are trying with limited fund to support people in need not just 'animals', to build a better urb. I am probably the last person who knows anything about politics but can remember a time when a certain person that you support failed to give the ok for a cancer charity event at the market place.His reason was that we had to donate 25 % to his own animal charity otherwise we were not allowed permission to have the go ahead. This council strives to help people that need help and i feel that people on the urb. forget how the last and previous councils worked. What i will end on is that if anyone feels they can do better then why not stand at the next election.

Commented marktalbot24 in La Marina 2013-08-18 00:07:48 UTC

Yes mark I agree on all you say but this is not about Charity at all.
Where in any paper(s) did you see a issue regarding the charities or the argument over charities.
This is because a a PP member believes the pipn and his own party have failed the residents. It's nothing to do with anything other than that. So as much as anyone wants to moan or criticise then that's fine. Criticise, do good, that's all great but this is not why the are arguments raised between the two groups.

Commented Andi in La Marina 2013-08-18 01:51:45 UTC

So Jeff has apparently issued a press release ,which seems to appear on this Forum thanks to a third party.
I seem to remember he stated that anything he has to say will appear on his blog,(Yeah Jeff,but it hasn't.The same blog that states "NEWS AND VIEWS FROM YOUR PIPN COUNCILLOR)In fact I cannot see that it appears anywhere.
I will try not to write what I actually think of the supposed press release, Just for now, I think, the old saying of "I could drive a horse and carriage through it" would suffice.
I must say I am hoping other people put on this site,a comment ,relating to the crap and half truths he is asking us to believe.
Jeff a word of advise,if you cannot tell things as they are, dont tell them at all,because they will return to bite you on the bum.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2013-08-18 06:57:32 UTC

For once i wholeartedly agree with Andi alll jeff wants to do is get is picture in the papers handing over cheques for charitable causes he even hijacked the Fiesta to do this.Although the the Fiesta was a great success if he had talked about this in the paper and given it some publicity to help get more people to come to La Marina.
Just wondering if Daisy is one of Jeff,s 5 little helpers?
As for Councillor Paulino I have found if you want something doing go to him and it gets done.I am not politically motivated but after seing the ENGLISH councillors we have had over the years it makes one wonder if i should vote just to make sure they dont get re-elected.I was of the opinion I live in Spain so the local government should be Spanish.

Commented david in La Marina 2013-08-18 08:02:58 UTC

I totally agree with you that whoever DAISY is she has not done Jeff any favours whatsoever.
If Jeff had written this then it would have been more factual in the first place.
Secondly Jeff would not have even mentioned the possibility of Herrero infringing on his responsibilities particularly when only weeks ago Jeff went to great lengths to inform us that the council is committed to charitable work, not only does our council have a social services department but indeed a councillor, other than Jeff, who has responsibility for social services! What does Jeff do? He infringes on another councillors patch, uses our offices, our personnel, commonly known as Jeff's assistants, to run his own social services department.
Alan, I know that you are well aware of my views on this PIPN crowd, I could go on and on with examples that totally contradict what Daisy has said on behalf of Jeff but that would not get us anywhere would it?
I cannot believe that Jeff can possibly have written or even know that someone close to him has written this garbage, can you?

Commented Friendlyviking in La Marina 2013-08-18 08:18:00 UTC

I sometimes think I am living on a different Urbanizacion to Andi and Alan. When the current team took over, it was well documented how much money the previous Council had overspent.
Since then, on a limited budget, the Verdes have been vastly improved, the streets are swept on regular occasions, and the Fiestas have improved, all despite the ongoing world wide recession that has hit most communities.
OK there is a lot to do still - but they are trying and making progress. At least they do something positive, not sit around carping all the time.
So keep being positive Jeff and team, some of us appreciate your efforts!

Commented Frizzy in La Marina 2013-08-18 10:40:56 UTC

John F,
Welcom as a contributor to a Spanish Life.
It is a shame,that you hadn't read previous comments of mine,then perhaps you wouldnt have had a reason to think I was living on a different Urb. to you. You could of read a couple of days ago,that I stated that the local park near Alfredo Kraus,is looking better now than it ever has done,Perhaps the fact that I praised the Councillor for parks and Gardens for achieving that and not Jeff upset you,You then had a go at me about the successful Fiesta,again if you bothered to check the section on Fiestas you will find my comment,That it was by far the best one yet,and we would have a problem ,that if it got much better in years to come,the Consume area would not be big enough to house the show.
It looks like all you have read is the so called press release,and guessed the rest.What I stated on that is that it is not a press release but a tirade against,a PP councilor, who happens to be Spanish,but has a lot of respect on this urb. It is a shame your first comment that I have seen,doesnt appear to be fully research
Also like to point out to you, the well documented debt the last Council left this one, that you write about is only well documented by the current Council in power, the previous council have well documented that the current Council were not left with that sort of debt.(you pays your money you take your choice)

Commented Alan in La Marina 2013-08-18 11:37:35 UTC

Where can we see this 'press release'?

Commented Peter Horsfield in La Marina 2013-08-18 13:16:41 UTC

John F put your name down in the next elections, I'll probably vote for you but then again I may tell you to 'get on your bike'!

Commented Peter Horsfield in La Marina 2013-08-18 13:18:48 UTC

If Norman Tebitts dad could do it, why not me?

Commented Frizzy in La Marina 2013-08-18 13:33:01 UTC

I'll be your election agent.
Policy ideas include
Installation of village stocks where noisy bar owners and complainers are sat next to each other and rotten tomatoes are sold by the bag for the public to throw at one of them.
(not only are the toms being recycled, but income should be phenomenal).

Gladiatorial type combat events, where the various charities just club it out and last one standing gets a donation (could be made into a tourist attraction)

Commented marko in Quesada 2013-08-18 14:25:15 UTC

O.K. I have a bit of time so my questions to jeff regarding his alleged press release.
How can we residents of La Marina urb, get copies of press releases supposedly issued by the Opposition, and from Paulino Herrera, because I have yet to meet anyone who has read them. Was the alleged press release from you or from all of the governing Council, if so why doesn't it appear anywhere on your blog, or on the town hall web-site.
Until I have seen the other supposed press releases, i aim not to get involved in your hear say.
You then go on to allegedly say" We have had enough ,the opposition blatently lie",Please jeff don't tell me you do not tell lies, you told me one once,face to face. i havnt given you chance to do that a second time.
" not like those who don't turn up for all Council meetings, dont hide,have the guts to give proof of whom, and when, otherwise it carries no impact, and they cannot defend themselves against possible spurious attacks on them.
You next paragragh "the opposition dedicates itself to constantly denouncing the government team" seems a trifle OTT,I personally have read of only two occasions, when the ruling Council were denounced, and both of them appeared to have foundation.
Finally for this comment, A rather childish mention of "such as some of the opposition
are well known to the courts" just how
silly does that make you look.
I am about a third of the way through your alleged press release, if this release is not from you, then I apologise for blaming you for such a bad press release, I have wherever possible put this as a supposed press release from you,I am sort of hoping it is a wind up in poor taste, If it isn't a wind up, I fear for La Marina Urbs for the next two years.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2013-08-18 14:30:43 UTC

As a resident of oasis none of the political parties have done anything regarding the disgusting state of our roads yes there have been discussions and promises but nothing has been done once I see something happening that person or party will get my vote until then all of them are just talk and no action

Commented Negotiator in La Marina 2013-08-18 16:36:05 UTC

My point is that Urbanizacion La Maeina is a GREAT place to live.
Councillor Jeff and his team are trying to improve it.
If everybody on this site stopped being so negative and niggardly and devoted their time to improving things, then we would have a WONDERFUL place to live.

Commented Frizzy in La Marina 2013-08-18 18:13:21 UTC

John f
La Marina urb is a great place to live, Doesnt mean it is the Council is making it good, It means the Residents etc are making it great despite the Council.
It is Councils past present and more than likely future ones, .
Who listen but take no notice of what the Residents say
Give me an open, transparent and most of all an honest Council, and I would have no reason to moan about them.
But while they give me a load of rubbish everytime they mess up, I will let them know that they can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but they cant fool all of the people all of the time.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2013-08-18 18:32:01 UTC

Fully agree Alan la marina is great but only because the people who live here are making it a great place to live I actually know people who have moved from la marina purely because they cannot stand the San Fulgencio council and its corrupt counsellors

Commented Negotiator in La Marina 2013-08-18 20:13:43 UTC

Alan you know full well that Jeff has given up with posting and answering questions from this site
So why do you not go down and actually ask him to answer your points
has no one here can give you the answers your searching for, apart from Jeff himself !

If you/all aren't happy then go down to your council preferably has a collective rather than one
and put your complaints/disprovals in writing and use the local press to your advantage

Commented FOX160 in La Marina 2013-08-18 22:51:51 UTC

Have done that and been to meetings still nothing happens so going to the office was a complete waste of time

Commented Negotiator in La Marina 2013-08-18 23:28:41 UTC

If you had read my comments on this point, and a couple of times in the past,you would of read why I do not speak to Jeff face to face, For your benefit I will yet again repeat it.
I have been to see Jeff in the past, what I saw was a person who deliberately lied to me with the answers to my questions. In fact I left the office that day without getting the truth, but his body language was so bad it was obvious that he didn't have a reasonable answer to give me so he palmed me off with whatever he could think of.
I like an old saying that goes" Lie to me once, shame on you, lie to me twice shame on me, for giving you the opportunity"
As for why do I ask the question, it is easy. Many a time a question has been asked to Jeff on this Forum, someone he knows or works with, reads this Forum, because if he thinks he has a true answer, he will reply on his blog. If he doesn't answer, it is normally that he is not interested or he cannot think of an answer. So to my mind if the question is asked and not answered it is either because he cant or wont answer. I do actually go to his office with questions, that I believe non - political, or his staff can answer.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2013-08-19 06:21:03 UTC

Who takes politics seriously,
Have been trying to understand who actually wrote Jeffs alleged press release, also what did Paulinos alleged press release actually say (If anything)Turned to the Town Hall web-site to try to see if anything had been added on there about the Fiasco, still nothing, But what I did see was a sight for sore eyes, Lots of pictures of the Oasis Fiesta (the one Myra had been asking when and where, but didn't receive any replies)and low and behold photos of what I will call the three mousecateers, walking alongside each other, none other than Jeff, the Mayor and Paulino. I know Councillors should show up to these sort of Fiesta, but you don't walk with the enemy.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2013-08-19 15:11:23 UTC

It's ok Alan, they were in no mans land!

Commented Roger in La Marina 2013-08-19 18:34:30 UTC

Thanks for that Roger,I was getting worried that perhaps they were planning to be friends on Christmas day and were arranging a game of football, a sort of Us V Them. Then I started panicking how would they choose Christmas Day, Would it be 25th Dec. or 6th Jan. That alone would start another battle between. Then just as I was having a heart attack, I kept thinking that Spain and the U.K-were having a little argument over Gibralter. When la marina Urb. could be in the middle of a civil war at any time. Think I am having a funny turn

Commented Alan in La Marina 2013-08-19 18:44:17 UTC