banks here in spain

Comments about banks here in Spain. Our bank sneakily took out 34 euros for a credit card that we did not request, was told we needed it for no commission account. Told to use it once a month and there would be no charge. Surprise , surprise, they change the rules but do not inform their customers, and they wonder why we get annoyed and then change banks.

I don't like Spanish Banks but unfortunately, we have to have one.
I've been here in Spain over 11 yrs and have changed my bank about 4 times.
I've been charged for depositing a large amount ( ?) Charged for changing money, Charged for just having an account even though it was agreed there would be free banking if I paid my Pension in and one bank I tried to open an account in, messed me about for 3 weeks, saying I had the same name as a few other people and there was a problem. When I explained there was only one me with my Passport, only one me with my Residencia and only one me living at my address, they still wouldn't give me an account, so I walked across the street and opened a new account the same day, and they've been great ever since. Santander by the way.

Commented Al Marina in La Marina 2015-01-11 12:25:53 UTC

Thanks I have heard a few good reports about Santander, we just want a reliable bank on this urb. that if there are problems you can try and speak to someone about it. Our bank has moved to Guardamar and we have to traipse down there when there are problems, none of our making, and cannot get anything sorted, usual answer is manager not in and when you ask to make a definite appt this is not possible, so then you try to email head office, weeks to get an answer, and that answer is usually go to your branch. We do, but it's just a waste of petrol and waiting time, will have to charge them for our time, but of course we are not important enough.

Commented susanphooper in La Marina 2015-01-11 12:47:05 UTC

I must agree with the Santander supporters.
Joined them about two years ago, no charges as my Wife has a pension paid into the account, free debit card.
This is the fourth bank we have joined since we arrived here eight years ago. Undoubtably it is the best one we have been with.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2015-01-11 13:40:59 UTC

Victory, the bank has seen sense and refunded the 34 euros, well done.

Commented susanphooper in La Marina 2015-01-12 20:47:13 UTC