Woody and the Peckers TODAY

The Monday afternoon operation at the Sports Centre has been shut down due to a complaint or possible the new council regime, as of Monday 27th July WOODY & THE PECKERS will be back at their new venue which is THE QUESADA COUNTRY CLUB, same time same format. They have also been able to arrange with them an offer of 2 meals for 10 euro's after they finish. WOODY & THE PECKERS would just like to say a big thank-you to Paulo, Helena and all the staff for everything they did for us at The La Marina Sports Complex over the last 6 months and also a big thank-you to you all for your continued support. Look forward to seeing you all on Monday 27th July at THE QUESADA COUNTRY CLUB ( air conditioned ) for another great afternoon of LIVE rock and roll music and still only 5 euro's entry !!

Lovely but what a shame you have to change venues I suppose the council don't care about la marina businesses trying to make a go no income coming in no music no bars no people visiting, what a terrible shame

Commented sisters in La Marina 2015-07-20 09:24:43 UTC

It is just so sad we have to sit inside in this lovely weather. I can understand in the night time to be inside but soon we will not have any thing to do only quiz or bingo we have a lot of young couples here with family this time of year . Also we will end up with no bars as they will have no income as people will stop coming to la marina

Commented Mary in La Marina 2015-07-27 14:45:39 UTC

Shame Mary but the police have been known to close down bars for playing bingo.

Commented johnmckernanjnr in La Marina 2015-07-27 14:57:25 UTC

It seems to me that the Spanish couldn't run a pi up in a brewery.Stopping music, destroying so called illegal houses, bringing in laws to stop us renting out our properties, in fact some clown in Ibeatha wants to control holiday makers from going their, he says they are not welcome.

Commented Marv.75 in San Fulgencio 2015-07-27 17:49:24 UTC

The Ibiza crowd would love it in La Marina. Perhaps the council could organise a tourism initiative. 'No music but in bed by 22:00'.

Commented chalkie in Quesada 2015-07-27 19:01:03 UTC

I have just been out to La Marina with my young family but am sadly back in the rain and work again in England.
I have visited La Marina for 11 years and have owned a villa for the last 8 years. We had a great time whilst there for 2 weeks. We used the Pools, hired a car and hit the beaches, quad biked and rode horses in San MIguel, visited Safari and water Parks and went bowling in Torrevieja.
When it came to the night time I was quite dissapointed though. The Restaurants and meals we had were lovely and we ate in Mulberrys, Our Plaice, Burgendys, The New Italian, Ramones and Mels Kitchen to name a few. However after this there didn't seem to be anything going on. We caught a Beatles tribute at the Posh Club but all the little bars didn't seem to have any people in at all and no entertainment, I haven't seen it so quiet in all my years visiting. I don't want blaring music til all hours upsetting the locals who live all year round but a bit of something would be nice. My parents stayed in my villa the week before and said the rock fest was blaring out heavy metal til 3 a.m. and yet the lounge singers are policed so stringently. I just hope all the smaller businesses aren't going to be killed off.

Commented dmckie1 in La Marina 2015-07-29 14:00:06 UTC

We are hoping our bars do not have to close to lack of this situation . The bars are trying so hard to please us and the holiday makers but it is being made so hard for them. And holiday makers do not want to sit inside when it so hot and they are on holiday. Even the holiday camps have music. Rant over

Commented Mary in La Marina 2015-07-29 14:14:17 UTC

But one good thing is that you do not have to sit in the tobacco smoke if you enjoy listening to the music since you are not allowed to smoke inside the bars. Try to find the positive things and not just the bad things.

Commented reindeer keeper in La Marina 2015-07-29 17:25:20 UTC

No you are write about the smoke . I do not want to get into deep conversation but I would like to be out side on lovely evenings to enjoy the music.that is just you few

Commented Mary in La Marina 2015-07-29 18:13:06 UTC

Yes Mary I would also like to be outside in the lovely summer evening and listen to good music at the bars, but unfortunately it is not possible due to to people who think everyone should inhale cigarette-smoke. If I am allowed to smoke I do not care what others think is very often the motto.

Commented reindeer keeper in La Marina 2015-07-29 19:50:54 UTC

I understand about the smoke I myself don't smoke

Commented Mary in La Marina 2015-07-29 20:03:06 UTC

Maybe a compromise of designated smoking areas for outside.

Commented chalkie in Quesada 2015-07-29 20:23:15 UTC

I don't smoke, but I like the smell of tobacco, so not all non smokers are against smoking, in fact I like to see people enjoying a smoke. Why can't you people leave smokers alone, and just enjoy Spain as it is.

Commented Marv.75 in San Fulgencio 2015-07-31 07:29:51 UTC

Maybe it is because it kills people, Mary

Commented johnmckernanjnr in La Marina 2015-07-31 09:54:54 UTC

Looks like we have two Mary's nary and Mary 75

Commented Mary in La Marina 2015-07-31 10:16:09 UTC

Mary, new glasses?

Commented reindeer keeper in La Marina 2015-07-31 17:35:24 UTC

Yes I think so

Commented Mary in La Marina 2015-07-31 17:56:14 UTC

Too much water kills you, walking down a busy street in the town , fumes kill you. In fact too much of anything can kill you. I've heard that eating too much strawberry jam causes bunions.

Commented Marv.75 in San Fulgencio 2015-08-09 09:55:06 UTC


Commented reindeer keeper in La Marina 2015-08-09 10:14:25 UTC

NO I ate strawberry jam once and now I have a bunion. QED

Commented johnmckernanjnr in La Marina 2015-08-09 11:47:12 UTC

And you have a greater risk of dying if you are alive. 100 %. Quod erat demonstrandum.

Commented reindeer keeper in La Marina 2015-08-09 12:11:39 UTC