American fridge

We are thinking of buying a American style fridge/freezer with a built in filter system will this be enough to clean water or will we need the system like on the market.

Thank you for help in advance.

Linda Maddocks

La Marina

We have drank the tap water here since 1994 and have never had a problem or been ill. It is probably cheaper to buy bottled if unsure.

Commented jackieb57 in La Marina 2016-03-31 07:26:11 UTC

The main problem I think is the hard water with Calcium/Limescale. If the fridge can reduce that then there shouldn't be anything else.

Whenever I return to the UK, it's noticeable the chemical smells coming from running taps. I tend to avoid tap water there.

Commented chalkie in Quesada 2016-04-06 21:52:16 UTC

I sell a Dual Water Filter on the market, which takes out the smell and taste of chlorine, kills all bacteria, and greatly reduces the limescale, and is very efficient. Yes, the tap water is safe, but I personally don't like it because of the chlorine, after all chlorine is a bleach and an irritant and I am sure most people would not drink Domestos. Bottled water is dangerous because of the plastic bottle. Because of the heat we get here, the plastic gives off toxins in the water, and usually gives people diahorrea and upset tummies. On a more serious note, if a bottle of water is left in a car in excessive heat, the toxins that are leeching into the water turn into dioxins, which are cancer causing chermicals. In fact it has been proven this can cause breast cancer. These facts can be checked. Just go online.
A water filter fitted in your kitchen can offer good clean water. The filters on American fridges usually have a little carbon filter fitted to them which have to be changed regularly. I have fitted many systems in kitchens, and run tubing from the filters into the back of the fridge, so giving you clean healthy water straight into your fridge. Come and have a chat on the Thursday market, or down next to Lidl on a Saturday morning. If I can help in any way, just ask, or, give me a ring on 627 769 102.

Commented Tommy in La Marina 2016-04-07 15:59:59 UTC

Thank you Tommy will do

Commented Linda in La Marina 2016-04-13 07:04:22 UTC