Christmas Day Dinner

Hello All

I am looking for somewhere to go for Christmas Day Dinner in the Quesada Rojales area. Any suggestions??


Where ever you go most of La marina will be there!! probably including the bar owners etc but at least the culprits that caused the problem will have a nice quite Xmas

Commented 2nd Casa in La Marina 2012-11-05 11:29:46 UTC

" The Bull Flanigan" Rojales. Best food out. And theres top entertainment on as well.
If you try there Sunday lunch. You´ll know what´s in store for you on the big day. You have to book though, or you won´t get in. The place is full. 2 x three course meals costs €15.

Commented Sandra Bernice Knott in Quesada 2012-11-07 14:20:59 UTC

You can come to my place Joolz!

Commented hughes9249 in Quesada 2012-11-07 16:25:19 UTC