Tomorrow, Saturday 30th March Impact Charity will be holding there Easter Fete atr the shop opposite the Grey Area (Soterin, Ferriteria).
The shop will be open from 9:45 ish, there will be a big tombola that will also have cash prizes of, €1, €2 ,€2.50, €5, €10, and new prizes along with silly prizes. There will be a huge amount of cakes available, we would of been getting the Beef pies that we had at the xmas fete, that Ian and Carol and many more enjoyed but the couple who make them are on holiday.
There will be a beat the buzzer game, if you can beat the buzzer you will be given a free strip of raffle tickets for our raffle that will be drawn at 2pm.
There will be a new selection of handbags and shoes on sale at the side entrance of the shop.. Please come along and enjoy yourself.

Pets in Spain are also having a fun day down at Veter Pet in the car park, next to Mercadona in La Marina. They will be having so much going on too, there will be refreshments, there will be horse riding for the children, they have a raffle up to the value of €100 to be won, there will be a tombola, stalls with bric-a-brac, there will be a cake stall with pies too.
There will also be a lot of people turning up with there dogs that they have adopted from Pets in Spain in the past,there will be a lot of dogs that were really ill, or had nasty wounds and Pets in Spain along with the good vet Antonio managed to nurse back to health and are now in good homes. There are also a lot of puppies that are looking for homes that are at Veter Pet, most of these puppies were rescued by Pets in spain on and around La Marina Urb. There will be a lot more going on down there too, 10 am till late

Also, i believe at the top of the strip there will be a charity bike ride leaving from Montys Bar for the Childrens Orphanage. From what i can gather there will be quite a few bikes turning up, so if anyone is interested in bikes pop along a take a look, also pop in to Montys for a drink or two and find out more regarding the bike ride

Thank you Impact for informing us about these charity events taking place tomorrow. I have been listening to Big FM radio in the past week, only the Montys motor bike event has been advertised on the Big FM radio station, no other charity event. I have also looked at the Big FM web site, on the Community Notice Board, no mention of the Impact charity event or the Pets In Spain charity event. There is however on almost every page an -in your face- political notice for Councillor Jeff Wisznieskis office!

Commented Roger in La Marina 2013-03-29 16:03:35 UTC

Roger, for your information:
Richie Sparks is the owner and main presenter on Big FM radio station. He controls everything that is broadcasted over the air and/or published on the Big FM radio web site. His partner Samantha is the personal assistant of councillor Jeff Wiszniewski.

Commented Sandra in La Marina 2013-03-30 21:09:41 UTC

Give it a rest please,Even I am getting fed up with your Anti anything about Jeff,But bringing in his staff and their Friends,for your usual tirade.You could try commenting on something else.You are becoming a bigger bore than you realise

Commented Alan in La Marina 2013-03-31 10:54:32 UTC

Yes Alan I agree it gets a little bit boring all this back and forwards.
But that is a REAL eye opener to me and I am sure to a lot of others,as to why so little information is ever put up here about what is of interest to us all on future things from the Town Hall. A VERY interesting move Politically. They are obviously starting to gear up for the Elections, as they have found they haven't any control on this forum they are trying to establish themselves from another direction. So it seems the message is they do intend to stand next time.

Commented Sunshine in La Marina 2013-03-31 11:14:33 UTC

I was told by sam that if you ask Richie to advertise charity events on the Radio, he will. Have you asked?

Commented Caroline in La Marina 2013-03-31 16:14:09 UTC

The fact that the original post started off as innocent information as to what was going on in the La Marina area and then got twisted into a witch hunt against Jeff and his staff and friends is simply amusing to an outsider. I hope the charities did well over the weekend. Quesada seemed busy and I haven't a clue who my councillor is and not really that bothered.

Commented marko in Quesada 2013-03-31 16:22:49 UTC

Having read these ridiculous comments i find myself laughing because once again a totally innocent posting promoting a charity event has once again turned into a soapbox for political garbage and a personal attack on innocent people, YES my partner is Samantha Hull and YES she does work for the Councillor, SO WHAT? do you think makes me a puppet for the regime???? GROW UP!!!!, Hide behind your Pseudonyms and waste every-bodies time, Those of you who have looked at my website will find nothing political as this station does not believe that a community station should be involved in politics or religion as we embrace all the community. If I am asked to broadcast information for local REGISTERED Charities I Will when i have time to post it on my site. Yes I control the station if any of you lazy keyboard critics got off your backsides and started your own station you too would control its content, Having checked my email i have not had any events come through to me unless they went to my junk folder which is automatically deleted as i receive approx 100 junk mails per day i dont have the time to check them all.
I refuse to give a stage to pathetic political rambling and publish information from the town hall which is in the public interest and what i consider to be to the benefit of the listeners, Sandra your sadly veiled attack on my partner Jeffs personal assistant can clearly be seen as pathetic and yes I Know who you are and many of the fake names here so i know that these political ramblings are connected to the opposition council, not that i care, but i am aware that these attacks are becoming more and more personal and increasingly pathetic. you do more harm for this urbanisation than good Only in La Marina do you see this garbage on the walls of ASL i have no doubt that in 2 years time you will be supporting the candidates for the opposition at the elections due to personal connections and frankly i dont care if you do i will continue to post information on my website regardless of who is in power.
My station is dedicated to the community which is more than be said for the bar room critics. i refuse to broadcast or publish political propaganda regardless of my relationships, Charity Events will be broadcast but not if they are being used for political gain, i am pleased that my station is being listened to for whatever reason even if it is to find spurious reasons to criticize.
Richie Sparks

Commented Richie in La Marina 2013-04-01 09:30:23 UTC

Well said Richie. I have known Sam for quite a few years now and you for almost as long and know for a FACT that

a) Sam is extremely committed to her work and to the people of La Marina Urbanisation. She goes in evenings and weekends when certain things need to be finished, i.e. the food for the needy needed to be sorted and distributed. She is always polite to everyone and does everything she can to help. If she can't then it means that it is not in her power to do so. She does many things for people that are unpaid and purely because she is a thoroughly decent person and tries to help whoever she can!

b) The radio station is your life, Richie, and you do everything you can to make sure that the community is informed of events and items that need to be passed on. However, you are not a mind reader and, if people do not tell you what is happening, you can't let us know. You have got work purely on your own merit and your reputation, nothing to do with the fact that you are Sam's partner. If people think that you got to be DJ at the Avenida Llondres fiesta last year, get them to talk to Serafins who will tell them the truth!!

Sam is one of the loveliest, most helpful and caring people I have ever met in my life and does not deserve to be attacked. Jeff is also a really nice guy and will do what he can in his power to help but people have to remember that they are not the only ones going to him and he is really busy.

All you people who just slag the council off, why don't you stand for election next time and see how much hard work for little praise you get!!!!!!

Commented Michelle in La Marina 2013-04-01 15:08:20 UTC

All I am going to say that Sam and jeff do a lot of good for the urb Sam gets in early with jeffs wife to sort out all the food for the needy they are always there for anyone who needs to speak to them and will endeavour to help. More than the last councillors. Who were they!!!!!

Commented Pauline in La Marina 2013-04-01 18:44:10 UTC

Ive noted all of the comments on this blog, about mr wiszniewski and is staff, cxan anyone tell me what he actually does, for his salary.
he came to a presidents meeting( actualy uninvited) regarding entertainment licences, He spouted off quote, i will visit all of the bars to advise we are trying to help them to achieve this licence, i know for a fact he didnt visit one single bar,what i did notice, he was in front of monties bar over easter promoting,, big fm i think it was called very loud, where was he when the police were called to rojos for playing quiet live music. why didnt he get involved. nuff said

Commented davieselz in La Marina 2013-04-01 20:19:59 UTC

Once again we have the councillors little group of followers come onto the forum to tell us how good they are at their charity work! But charity work can and is done volunteers, not be highly paid councillors and council assistants.
Richie, you can try to laugh it off, but your partner Samantha  Hull is the personal assistant to the councillor for the  urbanisations. Sam and her boss said that they will introduce a new regime of openness and transparency. They should be leading the way in communicating ALL local events,  council meetings and decisions to people on the urbanisations, using social networking sites like this one, not just within their closed circle of friends and supporters and those that do private business with Sam. She has lost a lot of respect due to her failure to do the job she was employed to do on the council. Unfortunately the only time we hear anything from either the councillor or Sam on this forum is through a third party, and only then when they try to deflect criticism by passing the buck! Always reactionary. Never pro-active!

Commented Sandra in La Marina 2013-04-02 08:29:12 UTC

I seem to remember that some members of the last council spent a huge amount of council paid time promoting their "pet" charity or am i wrong, the only person losing respect at the moment are the sad individuals who spend their time slagging off people who work hard while doing nothing themselves or am i wrong "Sandra"

Commented Richie in La Marina 2013-04-02 08:41:29 UTC

For those small minded individuals who would like to say i have gained financially from my partnership with Sam i say this, put your money where your mouth is and denounce me for it, nothing would give me greater pleasure than exposing those individuals who shoot from the shadows, i have indisputable proof that I in no way have benefitted from this relationship with the council which is more than can be said for individuals from the last administration, I and Sam give our time freely for the good of the community regardless of who is in power, i refuse to work for individuals who have been accused of corruption and my radio station is dedicated to the wider community not just La Marina and may I say that La Marina is the only place on the costa blanca where i have received such hostility, says a lot doesnt it. this is my home town and thus has received preferential treament when it comes to the work i do however that will change as a direct result of these individuals.
STOP KILLING OUR URB. one of the reasons i carry no adverts or news after 6pm is so that bars can have a radio on in the bar with no fear of reprisals from authorities not just in La Marina but the whole of the Costa Blanca. i am not a member of any political party as i feel that would compromise my impartiality, but i know corruption when i see it and there are individuals who use public forums to attack hard working people only for political gain. no doubt at the next elections these individuals will claim that they are speking for the majority, however that i doubt as everyone i come in contact with have different views. I am prepared to stand in a court of Spanish law and refute these claims, Are they prepared to stand up and be counted, I doubt it. In future this station will continue to work for the benefit of the community and thank all those have supported me in building this station.
Richie Sparks

Commented Richie in La Marina 2013-04-02 09:42:50 UTC

This is now getting silly, the original post was to point out local events in and around La Marina. We can only comment for the charity. This time around for our easter event we did not use Big Fm to advertise it on Richies website or on air. We used Big Fm for the christmas fete and it worked a treat, we will be using the station in the near future for advertising events.The easter fete came around so quick that we just didnt inform Big Fm. As for any other charities trying to use Big Fm for helping advertise a event, we had no problems before, we gave them the info and what we would like said, and it was then put on air. All this persoanl attacking of people on here is getting way out of control now. Would we recommend people use Big Fm for advertising a event, yes, and as we have said we will be using them in the near future to promote the Food For The Needy Appeal and to give the local community a idea of how things are going with it

Commented IMPACT CHARITY in La Marina 2013-04-02 11:37:02 UTC

Impact Charity,
Thanks for your input,now perhaps the couple of moaners will in future just follow the thread you are replying to,and please just check up on what you are writing.It is time that we keep to the thread we are commenting about,and not drift away,if you want to write something off thread,just start a new thread,and leave the staff,family or friends,of Councillors out of your comments unless you can proove something untoward has occured.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2013-04-02 12:15:05 UTC