Jeff has added to his blog in the last couple of days.
He mentions how outrageous it was for a guy by the name of Brian.had written on a local forum,Stating that the local dog show that will be on La Marina,was a way for the Police to make sure that all entrants in this show will have their paperwork checked to make sure they have the appropriate Local Town Hall paperwork (and tag I should think).Jeff denies that this is the case,He also writes that this comment may of been put on a Forum as brian is a friend of Mark Lewis,who is heavily involved in Pets In Spain.
Much as I feel Jeff was right,in stating the police will not be checking the dogs for legality,I feel the Mark Lewis,remark was unnecessary,and,that Jeff should of stopped when he was ahead

La Marina

Well if this Jeff has an unpronouncible name and is a councillor, then it wouldn't surprise me if the police, were there, to make sure animals were legal

Commented Marv.75 in San Fulgencio 2013-11-10 12:47:31 UTC

Totally agree with you, Alan. What relevance is it who Brian has as a friend? And why pick out just ONE of Brian's friends? Couldn't have anything to do with politics, could it?

Commented janineb in La Marina 2013-11-10 21:20:45 UTC

The fact is that Jeff Wiz really 'bites' when you dangle the bait in front of him.
He knows full well that the current policy on stray dogs etc., is wrong and is a big retrograde step from the system that Mark set up under the previous administration.

Commented Ispy in La Marina 2013-11-10 21:46:42 UTC