good news from Councillor Paulino

I am glad to inform you ,that in three weeks time the TownHall is going to carry out the works to rehabilitate the surface of the following streets due to their bad condition.-
Av. San Fulgencio....C.-Bilbao---C.-Plaza Sierra Castilla ....C.- Cataluña.-C.- Andalucia ....crossing with Av. de Londres...C.-Navarra....Extension of C.-Andalucia....C.- San Sebastian....C Gustavo Adolfo Becquer ,the stretch by the side of Parque del Poo.--c.-Justo Antonio Quesada.--C.-Madrid.--Av de Londres.----C.- Moscu.---stretch between C.-Alicante and Av. de Londres.--c.-Roma.--C.- Monaco.---.The works will take around three weeks and them we will carry out the painting ...........cheers Councillor Paulino

I wonder if there's an election looming...well done anyway

Commented Al Marina in La Marina 2015-02-04 10:39:21 UTC

Hi Cllr Paulino, I would have thought The entrance to Parque de Ebro, at the Satellite Roundabout would have been attended to, as it is, in an appalling condition. You could lose a car down the potholes as they we so big ! On a serious note, I know a person who's axel broke after hitting one of the large potholes. Also for pedestrians it is no joke, I saw an old lady have a very bad fall on one of those potholes on her way to the bus stop at the the entrance at the roundabout. Could you please check out that entrance, as it's very dangerous, to both pedestrians and vehicles. Thank you Paulino.

Commented Julie in La Marina 2015-02-04 11:57:13 UTC

On the subject of roads, would it be possible to replace those road humps, they're just as bad if not worse than potholes, you know the ones that destroy your car suspension and rattle your teeth even at a very slow speed, the ones that work loose and leave the fixing bolts there to shred your tyres........and replace them with the more gentle tarmac ones ?

Commented Al Marina in La Marina 2015-02-04 12:17:09 UTC

And what of the works on Oasis? To add to the destruction caused by the installation of the sewer pipes some years ago we recently had the works to replace the streetlights and pavements started last August, with a completion date of November 2014. However these works were on and off and are still not completed, the roads are in the worst state ever! It also seems crazy to be replacing pavements when they will have to be dug up outside each and every property to finally connect them to the newly laid sewage system! Some clarification of the plans for Oasis would be welcomed.

Commented zenophant in La Marina 2015-02-04 15:11:59 UTC

Also the road down by the side of la bodega towards hillside is terrible I have fallen and broke wrist many others have as well I reported it last year they filled a slab in all pavements on the right need redoing totally please thanks

Commented sisters in La Marina 2015-02-04 20:44:05 UTC

Councillor Paulino, as Calle Bilbao is included does this mean that the last remaining unfinished cul-de-sac will at last have tarmac and not the pot holes we have now.

Commented jackieb57 in La Marina 2015-02-06 09:06:45 UTC