When is a Guarantee not a Guarantee

I bought a Microwave from a well known electrical store on Calle Llondres about 10 months ago. It had a 2 yr guarantee.
Placing something in the 'micro'' this week to heat up, it started "sparking" as though there was something metal in there.
I immediately turned it off and had a look inside and a small 'plate' fixed to the side had fallen off, due to a plastic clip failing.
I took the 'micro' back to the above shop and was told that 'that part' was not guaranteed !
Now this shop sells all kinds of electrical goods which have thousands of different components, and for this salesman to immediately tell me, in a micro-second, without consulting a manual, that this item was not covered, seemed to tell me he wanted to make some money out of me.
I told him I bought a microwave oven that was guaranteed for 2 yrs and he was telling me that part is not covered ! ...so just what does a guarantee cover ?

Go back ask him for written proof that the part is not guaranteed, if stll not happy ask for Hojas de Reclamaciones the official complaints form and you could contact the manufacturer.

Commented luvmylife in La Marina 2015-09-10 10:18:55 UTC

BigEd,A European Law came out a few years ago which gave an automatic two year guarantee to all electrical goods. I have just looked through a few newspaper articles and in all honesty,As with some other European Laws things are open to misinterpretation, and retailors can in many cases find a loophole.
I think luvmylife has the best answer, By going to the shop where the goods were purchased and asking for the complaints form, Which I believe is in triplicate, may just do enough for the retailor to sort your problem, If they refuse to give you the form or claim they don't have any, a threat to report them their and then to the police may well solve your problem. Hope you get it sorted, Some times not playing Mr Nice Guy gets satisfactory results

Commented Alan in La Marina 2015-09-10 12:26:00 UTC

Thanks for your comments luvmylife and Alan.....I will do what you said, should be fun, i'll let you know the outcome.

Commented Al Marina in La Marina 2015-09-11 14:20:18 UTC

Yes biged I have been through ythe process you can fill the form in English, my prob was sorted before I arrived back at my house, good luck

Commented sisters in La Marina 2015-09-12 08:17:22 UTC