Mosquitos and flies

Is it just me or is there so many mosquitoes and flies ?? It's really really bad never known it like this before . I know you can't get them flies away or even the Mosquitos for that matter. I went to the shops to find there being not one can of fly spray or mosquito spray what so ever . Also I like to take my daughter and doggy for walks when the sun is going down and lastnight we had to run home as we got mauled to death by Mosquitos . It's a big shame as I'm scared to go out the door . We wil spray ourselfs but it does not seem to bother them . Just wondering if anyone has any ideas or suggestions . Don't they normally spray the Urb with a chemical that can prevent this or even help in some way . You shouldn't feel scared to go out the door

La Marina

Yes it seems very bad at the moment flys are annoying but the bites from moszys they are a health hazard for some. I was told that the dry oil sold by Avon is used by the army, wouldnt think it would be named Avon but it is the same stuff.

Commented Miguel in La Marina 2015-09-23 15:48:35 UTC

Yes Miguel apparently most people say that Avon skin so soft, does a treat to keep mozzies away from your skin, Avon themselves know about this ,but think it would not be good for advertising purposes ,so they refuse to acknowledge it. Shame the Council appear to be neglecting the area as the normal spraying has not taken place. It has been suggested that we all over run the Councillors insisting they do what we pay them to do ,and look after us, But would they listen , I doubt it. I doubt if the Mayor even knows we are being inundated , but there again he lives in Alicante so would he care. As you can see .I am not happy with the way we are being treated by the people who we have given a job to for a minimum four years.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2015-09-23 16:01:32 UTC

Yes we live near Spanish people they are even being bitten to death and complaining, I hope this year to fill in a few to do forms, one of them is to spray more next year , bit late now my the time my form gets processed it will be too late, also road and pavement maintenance terrible, havnt seen the road sweepers for a while now or the weed killer people, we do a lot of Verde and weed maintenance ourselfs maybe they will pay us I don't mind

Commented sisters in La Marina 2015-09-24 17:29:45 UTC

I keep on saying it, But this current Council seem to be the most incompetent, bunch of nincompoops that I have had the mis fortune to be led by. We have gone back years in keeping the urb clean and tidy, Yes the road cleaning machine is almost unseen on our roads since the election, But even worse I think is the rubbish collection. It was stated by quite a few people, that we are inundated with flies, mozzies, and rodents etc. because we do not obey the simple rules that exist,on every green bin that we should only put tied up bags of food rubbish in the green street bins between the hours of 20.00- 22.00. this being the best time for the overnight emptying of the bins. Obviously late evening is the best time to use the bins for Health reasons, in that the bins contain food for rodents etc. for a shorter time before being emptied. also at The coolest part of the day. This in most cases must be a sensible idea. So what happened last night , the bin was emptied at 20.15, or at the time people should of been emptying rubbish into them, Meaning the rubbish left between 20.15 and 22.00 hours will be in the bin for over 24 hours and by then will of collected rubbish from two days. The council spend our money on buying contracts for our benefit but them and the contractors are actually treating us like morons,

Commented Alan in La Marina 2015-09-25 09:34:34 UTC

Why are the bins not being emptied?Perhaps the bin men are being used for different purposes,I.E.The forthcoming San Fulgencio Fiesta??Mozzies and Flies are having a birthday in the filth,not to mention the long tailks!!

Commented blarter222 in La Marina 2015-09-25 16:35:42 UTC

In reply to bins being emptied over night.
Ours has just been, sat
So much for putting rubbish out at night.

Commented gerry.harvey45 in La Marina 2015-09-26 07:22:17 UTC