Ants and Flying Ants - Costa Blanca


Pest Control Spain

Ants in Spain can become a serious problem. Ant types range from large Black Pavement ants to minute almost transparent red ants. Pavement ants can vary in size from large, medium to small and are found around patios and under paving slabs or stones. The smaller transparent ants tend to give an irritating nip, so if allowed to invade a house can be quite a nuisance. But all ants live in the garden, in soil, compost heaps or rotting tree stumps. Ants do not like wet conditions or disturbance and will only venture inside a house if they find food. They especially like area's where food, moisture and warmth abound such as our kitchens, dining rooms and bedrooms. They are only active during certain times of the day when the temperature is right and quite often prefer the dark and can crawl into amazingly small places. For a complete list of our services see:

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