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Hi everyone,

I am fairly new to the site, I have opened some discussions on other walls here and I hope to do the same here as it seems Quesada is quite active on here too.

I work in FX, I help individuals and corporations exchange currency.Typically we save clients between 3-5% against a bank rate and on property deals that adds up to a few grand each time.

In the private sector I netwrok with estate agents, property developers etc to refer me clients exchanging currency to complete propery purchases/sales. We offer a very competitive comission split for any referred business so if you work with clients like this please get in touch.

If any agents, buyers or sellers are in the market currently and would like to have a discussion about the mess that we call the euro, drop me a line.

Currently it appears that Greece may have got themselves a stay of execution with a last minute deal with private investors due to be announced any day now. Of course though there are other nations with deep fiscal defecits that will drag the euro down this year. Portugal, Italy , Greece and Spain will all hit headlines in the next few months.

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Paul Davey


I have used their services for years and i always get a better rate of exchange than any bank. The good news is they do not charge any fees

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Hi Paul, I would like your advice on if you still think it is a good idea to emigrate and buy for cash property in Spain? It sounds by what you are saying the Euro will be worth less and less as time goes by!?Making it more and more difficult to afford to live in Spain. Is that your opinion? Or is there a rainbow at the end of the ailing Euro? What is the cheapest apartment to be bought in Quesada please for cash? And will they get cheaper? Gee

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