For anyone not aware there is an ongoing situation of robberies on the Urbanisation. We are told that the culprits are two Moroccans, one fairly tall and the other rather short. It seems that they find a place to hide out of site often on the verdees. Watch peoples coming and going and then strike. They more often than not do not break in as such, they wait for a door or a window to be open and go in and out very quickly. They seem to take wallets purses laptops cameras anything they can grab quickly and they get away at speed. So be warned. One person who was targeted said that the Police would like to be informed if you see them hanging around your area. By the way they are very agile and jump gates and fences. Police car number if you spot them is I think 696 456 481

La Marina

Thanks for the info. Ian

Commented Alan in La Marina 2012-09-03 13:26:29 UTC

there is some more information about the recent burglaries on this web site:

Commented Don in La Marina 2012-09-03 17:13:53 UTC

Although there's no favouritism with Jeffs blog and la marina info, but why is " the elected British councillor " not updating his blog with information regarding these break ins. It's your job to put it out there with anything that is going on on the urbanisation. First off Ian brings it to our attention then Don let's us know it's on this site.
Is it a case of I got the vote and seat so there.

Commented Andi in La Marina 2012-09-03 17:24:58 UTC

I find it very strange that Jeff WILL NOT post on this or other forums but decides to use a blog that no one looks at.
OK he may get some bad press when he posts on this site but thats apart of his job, but he decides to not share with us what we need to know for his own personal reasons. Thats not correct in my books

Commented Papillon in La Marina 2012-09-03 19:16:54 UTC

I am not a particulat fan of Jeff,But in his defence I will add that he used to answer almost everything asked of him on this Forum,I know this as a fact,as I asked him many questions using that avenue.He then said that he wouldnt be doing that in future.
Knowing that he obviously read this forum,I still put questions to him,and would find many were answered on his blog,I was quite happy with that arrangement,but as time went on his answers got fewer and fewer,the reasons for this I do not know.I do check his blog everyday,which is pretty pointless as it is rarely updated,but it only takes me a couple of seconds(in fact his last entry was regarding the August Fiesta)but I will al,so add I also check daily the San Fulgencio, and the La Marina Info Websites, These are either Council or Opposition sites.Not one of these sites give decent,reliable or up to date information on a regular bases. So Jeffs Blog is only one part of the problem,Unfortunately,I do not know of anyway that we could make any of the `people involved in these three web sites do the decent thing for the residents of San Fulgencio,and keep us informed of anything that we should know

Commented Alan in La Marina 2012-09-03 19:50:31 UTC

Hi Alan

I understand what you are saying, and I take it that the Blog that Jeff has does not allow for others to comment on what he writes, its makes me think that he is trying to avoid doing his job by not making it possible for people to ask or comment on issues that are important to them.

I think it will be hard for people like this to keep their seats next time round

Commented Dave Long in Rojales 2012-09-03 20:36:13 UTC

I have to agree

Commented Papillon in La Marina 2012-09-03 20:38:21 UTC


It does let you comment on his blog. As Jeff has stated before, the comments are made but he gets to filter them. So he will read the comment and it's down to him wether he wishes to publish it on his blog.
I have commented in the past, I had to use a google email. If you don't understand Spanish then I advise you not o attempt it. I have no idea why his blog is not in English or instructions in English.

At least I'm led to believe that Jeff can filter the comments.

Commented Andi in La Marina 2012-09-03 20:42:09 UTC

I see!! So he only post what he wants and comments if needed.
Thats a man not doing a very good job at all, he only lets you read the good he is doing and hides the bad.

At least this is a FREE forum and we get to know the truth

Commented Dave Long in Rojales 2012-09-03 20:45:20 UTC

I went into the office, got their email address and joined their mailing list. I get all current information and any questions I have they answer by email within 48 hours!!!!!!! Why don't you try lol

Commented Clive Barker in La Marina 2012-09-04 08:14:58 UTC

would it be possible to put the e-mail address you use to contact Jeff and his office on this forum.
If a few of us used this system,we could ask Jeff a question and if it is in the public interest put the question and his answer on this forum.
I did say in an earlier comment,that we couldnt do anything about the current situation,but although it will be a bit long winded we may get some info.across to the forum readers

Commented Alan in La Marina 2012-09-04 09:39:24 UTC

[email protected] I think that's right! If you speak to them, they will also put you on their mailing list.

Commented Clive Barker in La Marina 2012-09-04 10:17:50 UTC

Thanks for info Clive,e-mailled them and asked to be added to mailing list,they replied within a few minutes,to say i was added to list

Commented Alan in La Marina 2012-09-04 11:18:38 UTC

Do you not have a Neighbourhood Watch group in La Marina?

Commented David East in Rojales 2012-09-04 11:28:31 UTC

A few weeks ago I read a newspaper article stating that San Fulgencio council have formed a new PROTECCION CIVIL team, provided them uniforms and an eight seater vehicle. Has anyone seen them patrolling the urbanizations?

Commented Sue in La Marina 2012-09-04 17:17:10 UTC

Would those with information out there PLEASE update us on this???
If they exist they should be out there combing the verdes.
The newsletter by the way that they send out is normally copied by myself up onto this Forum.

Commented Ian in La Marina 2012-09-04 17:25:20 UTC

As i remember it,somewhere about a year ago,The Council was asking for about a dozen volunteers to make up the new civil proteccion group,they would be trained and kitted out,and would appear at fiestas and the like to control the crowds and help the local police.I have been to all the large concerts or fiestas on La Marina this year and they are clearly in evidence,albeit I do not know what powers they have ,except being at these events.I did query why they needed a new vehicle,when they were only going to be evident for a few weeks a year,I was told by a person(not on Council) but well versed on life in Spain,that many towns have civil proteccion groups,and they need a vehicle at all times as they also deal with civil disorder,riots and earthquakes etc.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2012-09-04 17:36:59 UTC

How do these thieves get in. Most houses have grills on windows and doors. Surely they would need a JCB to pull a grill off.

Commented sallyan in La Marina 2012-09-04 18:11:00 UTC

Hi Sally Ann
The original post I think said it all. These are a clever little group of sneak thieves. Watching you. Yes WATCHING YOU !!!! & WAITING

Commented Douglas in La Marina 2012-09-04 20:12:19 UTC

With respect to the recent burglaries CCTV is the only deterrent.
New technology means low cost CCTV systems are available via your mobile phone or laptop
Don't just look at my website there's many many more providers out there........

Commented crisfordford in Quesada 2012-09-04 20:17:58 UTC

Ok you have frightened me enough Douglas. All windows and doors shut for me. I do not want to be the one that they are WATCHING!!!!!!!! & WAITING for.

Commented sallyan in La Marina 2012-09-04 20:18:02 UTC

Would of thought that a firm like this should of taken out a banner on the site. They are only a few euros per week

With respect to the recent burglaries CCTV is the only deterrent.
New technology means low cost CCTV systems are available via your mobile phone or laptop
Don't just look at my website there's many many more providers out there.......

Commented Ian in La Marina 2012-09-04 21:37:08 UTC

Regarding Fords CCTV.
We can highly recommend this company, very professional, and a pleasure to work with.

Commented Paul at BSAFE Alarms in La Marina 2012-09-04 23:13:14 UTC

Just to advise everybody,that Jeff has updated his blog,I am sure Ian will put it on this forum very shortly.Nothing mindblowing,but he seems to of taken notice of what was said on this Forum earlier,lets hope he keeps it up

Commented Alan in La Marina 2012-09-05 07:05:01 UTC

This is getting scarey now...Guess we will be all looking into CCTV now!

Commented Poppy in La Marina 2012-09-05 07:36:21 UTC

In my opinion it's not about CCTV. How many of you have extensions built on your houses and have them sliding glass windows. How many of you have just the one simple lock on your front door. How many of you have them simple windows that open wide and have no real latch on them that a 5 year old can open.
I would be looking in to a lock smith to up grade locks make things secure.
CCTV can only do a certain of amount. It can't protect you like extra locks or security locks can.
Regardless to all that if someone wants to get inside your house and there's no police around then they will.
My advice is to keep a cricket bat or a golf club handy in every room. No I'm not promoting violence. I'm promoting it's your house your life, by the sounds of it these two guys come equipped too.

Commented Andi in La Marina 2012-09-05 07:57:40 UTC

There is a lot of info on this site.
12th January 2012. Is it true how much the councillors receive for attending meetings which last approx 20-25 minutes. It says they get 625.00 euros for every meeting! That cannot be true!

Rock Arena one day July Fiesta: 23,000 Euros.

La Marina 'Virgen de la Paz' three day August Fiesta: 49,000 Euros.

San Fulgencio 'Virgen del Remedio' (over three weeks) September/October Fiesta: 62,000 Euros.

NO GRANTS have been approved by either Regional or National Government towards these costs.
It is definitley worth looking on this site, if true, to see how much we are being ripped off!

Commented Peter Horsfield in La Marina 2012-09-05 08:11:23 UTC


Change of subject the AVP or what ever it's called for the footie game is from what I know it's a team from the UK

Commented Andi in La Marina 2012-09-05 08:17:33 UTC

A short gentleman was walking along Calle Monacco this morning and he was looking at our gate very hard. I was stood in my Lounge watching him and wondered why he was staring, then I realised our gate was wide open. Fortunately my husband was walking back from the dust bins and also had his eye on him. His accomplice could have been wandering round the back of our houses, I don't know as I was in no state of dress to find out. A friend suggested it would be a good idea to try and find out what vehicle they drive and take the number. I may be paranoid but, my gut feelings do not usually let me down.

Our house is covered back & front by Direct Alarma, with the new IVA it costs just over 38 euros a month which is less than 10 euros a week. Anyone breaks in it takes their photo image and the Alarm Co will phone the Police. If the Alarm does go off someone in the depot speaks to you over the system and asks you for your password. You can also use the panic button if you want the fire brigade or an ambulance. We go to bed at night ,and leave our house during the day with peace of mind. They can take what they want from the house but, a) It protects our dog when we are out and b) us and the dog when we are in.

Commented Caroline in La Marina 2012-09-05 14:31:24 UTC

At last I have managed to find Jeffs Blog. Had a read but the break-ins are not mentioned at all.
By the way it is normally weejohn who puts bits of Jeffs Blog over here for us all to see.
PS Hope you have put the phone number for the Patrol car into your mobile phone. It is 696 456 481

Commented Ian in La Marina 2012-09-06 21:37:29 UTC

"managed to find Jeffs blog". That should show how many people don't read it.
I think it's more of a ego thing than very informative. The blog would rather explain the council has made savings of €600.000 euros than give residents of tw Urb a warming about these break ins.

Commented Andi in La Marina 2012-09-07 06:05:21 UTC

I think it is only fair,to state that the La Marina Info.printed a piece in the last week or so,regarding these break ins,and some comments have been on the side of the Info. web site and against jeffs Blog for not mentioning it.
I will on this occasion side with jeff. in that those who looked and found his blog,would of seen the same warning roughly of what the La Marina Info. Gave,except Jeff didnt warn us last week,He warned us over two months ago,on the 28th June

Commented Alan in La Marina 2012-09-07 08:47:32 UTC

Very Very true Alan.

Commented Andi in La Marina 2012-09-07 08:52:02 UTC

To be honest La Marina is still one of the safer places to live. It does not matter where you are you will never be totally free of crime. I hope all this talk of break-ins does not put people off coming to La Marina to live. It is still a nice place to be.

Commented Caroline in La Marina 2012-09-07 12:24:24 UTC

we have just brought a house in La Marina and all these talks about break ins is making me worry, but then its true crime is every where

Commented carol in La Marina 2012-09-07 19:33:42 UTC

Its the same all over the world Carol you just need to be careful wherever you live - try not to worry just enjoy life and be vigilant with doors, windows and yourself when out and about

Commented Souxie in La Marina 2012-09-07 20:07:11 UTC

I know everyone tries to protect their property as much as possible but a little tip which doesnt cost anything...If you have sliding doors on patios or sliding windows put a strip of wood or metal in the runner leaving just enough space to get your finger in to remove it, then if anyone forces the lock they still cant get in as the door will not slide across, a good idea when the doors or windows are not in use , simple but effective.

Commented hazel in La Marina 2012-09-08 17:05:55 UTC

Thats a good idea Hazel - thanks

Commented Souxie in La Marina 2012-09-08 20:09:20 UTC

Thanks for the Tip Hazel.

Commented Poppy in La Marina 2012-09-09 09:00:05 UTC

We were robbed on Thursday night, while in the house downstairs some fit and nimble robbers entered the second floor. Cash & Camera taken, police said we were the 6th in our area, located down on Calle Marina 66, please be careful, its a pretty sickening experience.

Commented momo in La Marina 2012-09-10 16:30:05 UTC

I cannot believe your response!
If you want to advertise i'm sure there is somewhere on this site to do it.
I am new to the area and just wanted to let people know what happened to me 4 days ago, so they can be more vigilant.

Commented momo in La Marina 2012-09-10 18:33:37 UTC

Dont sound good

How much is a metal grille door including fitting ?

Commented FOX160 in La Marina 2012-09-10 20:44:29 UTC

momo,I do not think Paul was was trying to belittle you or was in any way mocking you.
Paul has made many comments on this forum,almost all of them have been reasonable.
I believe all he was trying to point out was that you could alarm part of your house whilst using another part(i.e Alarm upstairs in the evening will you watching t.v downstairs,or alrm downstairs while you sleep upstairs.
As you are new to this forum,I should also tell you that we have almost an anything goes outlook,which does not make for pretty comments at times,
I personally have a great deal of pity for you,it has happened to me before,unfortunately it will happen again,due to the unemployment rate,lax policing ,councils not realising their responsibilities,and many other things.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2012-09-10 20:47:01 UTC

We had our response alarma taken out, burglers could have demolished and rebuilt our villa the time it was taking them to respond. We set of our alarm by accidenr on a couple of occasions once after a power cut and on both ocassions it was over 48 hours before the company contacted us to say the alarm had gone off, shocking...........

Commented we love it here in Quesada 2012-09-10 22:51:03 UTC

I cannot believe half of these comments regarding break-ins ! For god's sake get some advise from an Alarm company. I was worried about our security and got B Safe Alarm company out for free demonstration of what they can offer. I now have all of my doors and windows alarmed and if anyone was to try to break in the alarm panel calls ME and my neighbour(s) !! So I don't have to worry about no one responding. Half of the people here moaning about break ins don't want to spend any money on an Alarm System. I would have thought a visual Alarm is an obvious deterrent to an intruder !! Sorry about my rant but I found Paul from B Safe Alarms excepionally helpful to me with no obligation to buy. Stop knocking him !!

Commented Bill in La Marina 2012-09-13 08:24:07 UTC

If you are going to have an alarm fitted get one from a company that has a central station, spend decent money on it - not one connected by a mobile phone sim card.. there is nothing more frightening than you mobile going off when you are 20 kms away from the house, saying FIRE FIRE - you get home and its a fault, and the other person you have given as contact is also out -

Commented Souxie in La Marina 2012-09-13 08:49:13 UTC

Like I said, any Alarm is better than none at all. Horses for courses Souxie, I am not championing B Safe I just thought the comments about Paul were unjust.
I chose them simply because I wanted a system that called me and also I didn't want to pay monthly fees for ever. What suits me need not suit everyone

Commented Bill in La Marina 2012-09-13 09:07:50 UTC

All I am saying is you get what you pay for..

Commented Souxie in La Marina 2012-09-13 09:19:35 UTC

I totally agree

Commented Bill in La Marina 2012-09-13 09:41:51 UTC

Alan thank you for your comments,
I am new to the area (but not to Spain) I have read the forum for sometime so i know some response's are ...........
I really was simply trying to help alert neighbours/forum members that there was a problem in our area at the moment,
The police didn't seem to think that this was a gang of professionals that move from Urb to Urb, but said that as this was the 6th report in my area they were concerned enough to do house to house questioning down the adjoining streets, which is why i made the posting.

With regards the "alarm" Warmfess.
I do not know Paul or his company, i personally felt his comment, at that time was inappropriate when i was coming to terms with the theft of my visitors belongings.
He apologised - end of story.
I have not seen any other "knocking" of Paul.
(were you just having a bad day or do you always "rant")

And just to be absolutely clear - I moved up here into a rental property from Southern Spain.
I had been here 18days when i was robbed.
The property has an alarm which was disconnected by the landlord due to (in his words) appalling response time from the installers.

I only had internet connected Monday so missed Alan's warning
I REALLY did just wanted to let people know what happened to me, so they could be more vigilant.

Commented momo in La Marina 2012-09-13 17:08:04 UTC

Two friends were broken into last night . The person must have entered their bedroom from the roof whilst they were watching television. The patio door was open. Two people had earlier asked for directions from the husband. They were white and possibly Eastern European. Apparently they had asked some other people, who were broken into, the same questions so, they were obviously casing the place whilst talking, as our friend did notice that the male looked up at the windows. This happened on Parque del Mundo. Forgot to mention they were between 30 - 35 yrs of age.

Commented Caroline in La Marina 2012-09-14 16:45:05 UTC

Is this on the way to the 'greens dump'?

Commented Peter Horsfield in La Marina 2012-09-14 16:50:10 UTC

Yes Peter it is on your left when you turn into Extramadura if you go down the road which carries on from Ave Londres and turn left at the crossroad down the bottom of the hill.

Commented Caroline in La Marina 2012-09-15 05:35:28 UTC

Re response from Bill regarding the comments about Paul. Are you the same Bill who also works for B Safe alarms ?.

Commented Paul in Torrevieja 2012-09-15 13:03:00 UTC

No, but i can recommend them, they did a great job on our alarm.

Commented Bill in La Marina 2012-09-16 14:26:56 UTC