Due that the last year we hardly had any rain ,the nests of caterpillars are more ,we have started last week with the spraying campaigne in a few áreas in the Urbanization.
On friday myself an the manager of te company are going to drive around to detect the most needed áreas to be treated,they are going to spend the whole day spraying .
Please if you know any área that needs to be urgently treated ,let me know at 676526188,and we will spray it with priority.
For your information in the case you see any nest on the ground after the spray the nest ,do not worry the worms should be death ......if they cut any nest from the tree they collect it and put it in a special bag they have in their van ,they never leave it on the ground .
I am at your disposal for any enquiaries COUNCILOR PAULINO

Sorry I didn't see this post before, I replied to the previous post about Processionary Caterpillars. I'm very glad to hear that you are trying to address the problem Paulio, at least something proactive is being done. I do think though, it might take more than one day to tackle the problem on the whole Urb. But delighted you have recognised the seriousness of this problem and the serious health hazards it poses, Thanking you.

Commented Julie in La Marina 2015-01-28 18:04:44 UTC

I stood in my kitchen window and watched a council worker cut at least a dozen down and just throw them down the side of the road in Calle Madrid directly opposite the church...(He only took the ones down that he could reach from the pavement, which I thought was very lazy on his part, too!! ) I also question wisdom of the council on planting these pines everywhere in public places, when they know they present this problem every year!..There are plenty alternatives to those horrible trees! They have a large root system too and are not to be recommended in parks that are near the walls of houses..

Commented alison in La Marina 2015-02-17 12:45:37 UTC

There were caterpillars left dead on the pavement adjacent to Parque manzanares on the calle monacco - calle dublin road. I put it on facebook for everyone to share. My dog went to sniff one, luckily, because he is always on a lead, I was able to jerk his head away. Unfortunately people still ignore the dogs on a lead law and allow there dogs to roam free.

Commented Caroline in La Marina 2015-02-17 16:30:06 UTC

Councillor Paulino. It is vest distressing to hear of my neighbours dog that has had to have surgery to remove part of its mouth and tongue. Her dog may need to be put down if it cannot lap up water by itself. Why oh why did you not arrange during last summer for the hormone traps near populated areas, or the trunk tree traps that catch the pine tree caterpillars before they can get to the ground. These caterpillars are also a danger to human health, especially children. You and this council have not done enough to ensure public safety or the safety of our pets.

Commented Sandra in La Marina 2015-02-18 08:25:10 UTC