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Horsemanship for ladies of a certain age ! • denisewashbourne

Welcome to Finca Montana - we are just outside Almoradi ( 5 mins from junc 737 AP7 )

Have you always loved horses ? do you admire their beauty, grace and strength, but could never imagine yourself up and close ? are you at an age where you think ...I cant do that now ...

I couldnt possibly ride ... lost your confidence through lifes knocks ?  

well there's more to horses than just riding. 

We practice natural horsemanship here at Finca Montana, we build our relationship with the horse working with the nature of the horse to produce a solid and safe partnership. Reading body language and understanding to control our emotions. It starts with solid ground skills, and grows as fast or as slowly as you and the horse will allow. Always finishing on a good note, leaving you with a sense of acheivement. 

If you are interested in growing in confidence through new skills, want to make new friends, relax and enjoy the countryside, be at one with nature with one of natures most beautiful creatures then we would love to meet you.

For more information call Denise 672806098


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