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So I take it no member of K9 has anything to say about there disgusting ways of the story on front of the leader

La Marina


“There is something very, very wrong, it all seems like a big cover up to me.” The attacking words of one animal lover who is now questioning her involvement with the K9 animal charity after some strange occurrences with two dogs in particular.

Lesley Langston is a passionate dog lover having adopted some 12 since moving to Spain. She is one of the many volunteers who houses K9 dogs should they need her but it is the story of one dog that has worried her. Colin has been in her care after he was found with his three siblings in a disused reservoir around 20 months ago.

His siblings found new homes but Colin was not so lucky so he was sent to Lesley's where he was loved, fed and well cared for. He was nearly adopted last summer but, at the last minute, that fell through due to personal problems for his potential new owner and he remained in the kennels with Lesley until last month when she was contacted by the President of K9 saying she would be coming to collect Colin the next day to be castrated.

“As she was taking him away she said not to worry if he didn't come back as she had a new foster home for him and they were interested in adopting him, so I thought ok, great, but told her to bring him back if there was any problems.”

A few days later Lesley received a call saying the police were involved, Colin had attempted to bite his foster parents and they had called the police asking for him to be taken away and he had been sent to Cereco. “I immediately went to Cereco when I found out and when I saw that little dog sat there next to the incinerator it broke my heart and it should never have happened.”

What follows make little sense to Lesley and is baffling to most that hear the tale. Lesley fought hard to get the necessary paperwork to get Colin out of Cereco but after some investigation she found out that Colin was never booked in at the vets for a castration that day as she was led to believe and the couple who were fostering him were the treasurer of K9 and her husband.

“Colin would never have bitten them and they knew what Colin was like. At no time did I say I couldn't have Colin and wanted to get rid of him and it was K9 that said he needed to be castrated, if they didn't have the funds I would have ended up getting my vet to do it so I really do not understand any of it, it all seems like a big set up and hoax, that they wanted Colin off the K9 books.”

However, Colin had been micro-chipped in the name of another K9 committee member ahead of his original adoption last summer. Thankfully, this micro-chip saved his life as it led police to tracking them down and resulted in Lesley claiming Colin, but the couple now face a hefty fine from the police of anything between 600-6000€. Unaware of what had happened, they now want any fine imposed to be paid out of K9 funds – funds raised by the ever generous public.

“If the current board members of K9 have their way, seemingly in an effort to put this embarrassing episode behind them, money donated by animal welfare supporters and members of the public may be used to pay these fines!” Says angry Brian Anderson who, in light of recent events has resigned from his position as assistant treasurer on the committee. Whilst Colin is now happily back with Lesley who has officially put him in her name as the new owner, Brian highlights the case of another dog.

“Is it possible that Colin’s story is an isolated incident brought about by simple genuine misunderstanding? In light of other events over the last few months I regrettably advise that this does not appear to be the case.” Brian says that in November last year a dog named Ronnie was found abandoned and taken into the K9 shop by the then-vice president (previous committee) of the K9 club. He was provided with a K9 vet reference number for the dog to be treated, issued by the then-president of K9.

The vet clinic invoiced K9 for Ronnie’s first course of treatment and this was by paid from K9 funds before he was placed in a foster home. “Shortly after Ronnie was rescued the K9 Club committee changed, and the new President announced to her new committee that Ronnie is not a K9 dog, 'we are not responsible for her' - stating at a committee meeting 'this dog will cost the K9 club thousands of euros in vet bills', also saying that 'Ronnie is a very sick dog, and she is vicious!' She persuaded the other committee members to vote with her to have Ronnie destroyed.

The K9 President then visited Ronnie in her foster home, and offered to use K9 funds to have Ronnie put down (although she had insisted at the previous committee meeting that Ronnie was not a K9 dog)! The fosterer knew this dog better than anyone and she decided that what the new President of K9 was saying to her about Ronnie was just not true and did not let her take Ronnie because she did not agree that the dog should be put down.”

Brian says that it was later discovered that the illness Ronnie had was heartworm disease, which is treatable. Ronnie received two courses of treatment from the vet but the committee refused to pay the invoice for the second part of her treatment, so Brian paid for it personally out of his own pocket.

“How much did it cost for Ronnie’s treatment? Under 200€, not the thousands as previously stated by the K9 President. I am happy to report that Ronnie has fully recovered after her treatment and is now a normal healthy dog. She is being kept in a safe place awaiting a new permanent home.”

But when news came to light about Colin for Brian, it was the final straw, “It was all too much for me and I resigned.” He continued, “I believe that the committee are in denial and it was done with the good of K9 but they are trying to put a cover on it, that dog could have been put down and he is now healthy and happy.”

No one is denying the hard work and dedication that K9 have done and the number of animals rescued and saved over the years, but these two cases concerned Brian so much he felt he had to step down.

Having approached the press with his story and asked about his motives behind it, he replied that he thought it was in the public's interest to know what was going on, to know that money raised by the public could be used to pay the fine on Colin. “I did not do this on a whim, we discussed this before I did it and I think they need to review their views on animal care.”

An emergency meeting was held between the K9 committee last Monday where Brian wanted to discuss the matters and get to the truth but he was asked to leave before they called the police, as was Lesley who also attended.

The Leader has continually tried to contact the treasurer for comment who has been unavailble as well as the President who informed volunteers that she is away for 10 days and has not replied to any phone calls or email messages sent.

A spokesperson at the charity shop situated on urbanisation La Marina said they were aware of Brain's letter to the press but it was business as usual “This can happen, in any organisation where people are working so closely together there are fallings out and disagreements and tempers get frayed but our priority remains as it always has, with the welfare of animals.”

Taken from The Leader news paper http://www.theleader.info/article/34320/spain/costa-blanca/k9-animal-sanctuary-in-crisis/

Commented Tina in La Marina 2012-05-21 11:30:36 UTC

Disgusting is the only word to use. The press would not print something like this of there was no truth to it. Just straight lies.

Commented Andi in La Marina 2012-05-21 11:44:28 UTC

So is this the reason why most of the comity members left a few months ago?

Commented Dawn in La Marina 2012-05-21 11:55:33 UTC

Wow Thats an interesting story
I would say for K9 to continue they
should make their money movements
public for everyone to see and the Two persons named should be kicked out.

For K9 to move forward.

Commented FOX160 in La Marina 2012-05-21 18:49:31 UTC


I don't think its anything to do with money. This is all about how they have deceived people, deceived even members of there own committee let alone the public. If this story was coming from a member of the public it would be taken with a pinch of salt, it's not. It's coming from someone inside the K9 set up and even worse some one on the committee. This will damage there reputation, there are going to lose support and I can't see any
Organisastions supporting them or businesses until there has. Even a complete change hands, again. I think Alan once commented about a situation like this occurring a while back with K9 and referred to it as "in house fighting". Well it's gone the extra step now and made front page news.

Commented Andi in La Marina 2012-05-22 06:08:03 UTC

You are all very quick to condemn.....
I know this lady and she was bitten, badly enough to need medical attention. The law here is that a dog that bites a person must spend 40 days in quarantine before being given back to its owner, so i think you will find its life was never in danger.
I also witnessed a disgusting tirade of abuse, delivered by Lesley screaming at the top of her voice, towards the commitee members in the street. Funny how none of this was reported in the paper.
Seems to me the only believable comment is the statement given by a shop representative.

Commented Susan S in La Marina 2012-05-22 18:35:35 UTC


I'm a very vocal person, in person too. Fact is it made front page headlines. So if it's all lies why have the paper printed it when they know it could cause them alot of hassle. Fact is there must be a good amount of truth to the story otherwise it never would of printed. Fact is damage is done, it ain't about this person that person because in the long run it's the animals who suffer.
I expect we're going to hear much more regarding this in the next few weeks

Commented Andi in La Marina 2012-05-22 18:54:11 UTC

K9, you should take a long look at yourself.
this person has on 2 occations had dogs in her home. 1st one sent back within a week, then this second incident,
this person is not fit to be associted with animal protection.
as for the lies to the police. she should be and deserves to be prosecuted, if K9 use funds to pay fine they to should be prosecuted for embezelment. what a surprice that the person concerned is also involved with the finances of K9.
total disgrace, i will never use the shop of make any donations to them ever again.

Commented andy in La Marina 2012-05-24 16:11:02 UTC

Regarding Susans comment about Lesley"s tirade of abuse, knowing Lesley it would have been out of sheer anger and frustration, this is a person who would lay down her life for the animals in her care and, considering she allowed K9 to use part of her land to house several of their dogs and she and her husband look after them with no charge , she has been treated with disdain so if she let off steam then all I can say is well done !!!!

Commented hazel in La Marina 2012-05-24 17:18:31 UTC

So she housed these animals free of charge on her land and doing what was needed to keep the dogs living space clean environmentally friendly. How are these dogs fed to K9 provide biscuits with wet food or just provide cheap rough bisguits, when all know dogs need wet food along with bisguits. They might as well shut shop now, when you hear people did talking about this on the river bank fishing like I did today why fishing you know your time is up.

Commented Andi in La Marina 2012-05-24 17:31:21 UTC

Andi,Anonymous(another one)
There are always two sides to a story... and perhaps not from a free paper.
If the dogs are kept for free, why do K9 need to provide anything?
Why would K9 want to take a dog that was being looked after, free of charge, to end up next to the incinerator?

Commented Select Air in Quesada 2012-05-24 19:25:44 UTC

If the message was read correctly it says " allowed K9 to use part of her land to house several of their dogs" . This was an offer of help to save K9 some money on kennel fees but they supply the food etc .

Commented hazel in La Marina 2012-05-24 19:54:42 UTC

Yup you read the message correct, even more reason K9 should be ashamed of there actions if they were being allowed to use the land or free.
Either way it's the animals who suffer and on this ocassion K9s reputation

Commented Andi in La Marina 2012-05-24 20:14:40 UTC

Again, I would ask the question as to why an animal charity would take a dog that was being looked after for just a few dog biscuits, micro chip it beforehand, for it to end up next to the incinertor. There must be another side to the story

Commented Select Air in Quesada 2012-05-24 21:16:09 UTC

Well we do not seem to be getting an answers from K9 they are not rushing to defend themselves leaving us to decide for ourselves.

Commented Charly in La Marina 2012-05-25 06:39:25 UTC


There will probably be a reply in the leader from tem this Monday. It's interesting though in a bar last night people were saying they have had fund raising events cancelled. It's a shame as regardless of anything these dogs still need feeding and attention. So it's them suffering, I think all options now point to just one, the entire K9 committee walk ad install a new one.
It doesntmatter about who is wrong or right the ultimate fact is, if the leader thought it was worthy for te main headline through southern Spain then wow.

Commented Andi in La Marina 2012-05-25 06:58:08 UTC

I do remember a lot of talk on the forum some months ago about them, and others jumped to defending them saying that it was wrong to say anything about a charity, until we get to hear the other side we can only believe the worst.

Commented Charly in La Marina 2012-05-25 07:04:49 UTC

I remember but what makes this so unique and embarrassing is its come from inside K9 and not just people talking about rumors. That's why I think it hit the front page of the leader, because it was a elected committee member.

Commented Andi in La Marina 2012-05-25 07:18:09 UTC

I cannot tell you how much this all upsets me!!
When we come and stay in L/M we surpport and attend Charity functions.
I do hope this is sorted out very soon, because people may start to think " Does our hard earned Money go to the Charitys"
At the end of the day its the Animals that are going to suffer ...And yes people will stop surporting these Charities! So maybe K9 you should put your side over!

Commented Poppy in La Marina 2012-05-25 07:21:06 UTC

Andi, I am a paid up member of K9 UNTIL February 2013. I have also cancelled my membership on finding out about Colin and the way it was carried out. I was with Lesley when she received the phone call saying he was in a place, that no one who loves animals would send a dog. Lesley was pleading with the person to bring him back to the kennels. I help in the Kennels and Colin has NEVER shown any aggression to me, he plays with the other dogs or he is asleep. Lesley and Brian are committed to looking after all the dogs, they spend all their time caring for them. Brian has built them kennels, so that the dogs are warm dry and safe. He works non stop at no cost to K9, because he loves animals Leslie makes sure that they get all medication injections, etc sometimes at her expense. They all have to be cleaned and fed. All of the animals in their care are all loved and well looked after. Lesley gets angry when the dogs are not getting what they need.
Sending a dog to his death on the pretence that he is going to a foster home, is not done by people with the welfare of animals as a priority. The original group worked very well together. I resigned from the commitee last year, as to many power crazy, people were trying to take over. This is the result. Dee

Commented deecc2000 in La Marina 2012-05-25 22:50:07 UTC

The use of the land is free, as is their time. They wanted the dog off the K9 books. They don't like it that Lesley calls a spade a spade. Lesley and Brian are animal lovers end of.

Commented deecc2000 in La Marina 2012-05-25 23:06:18 UTC


I just saw your comment. So none of this is being blown out of proportion then. I believe everything started going slightly wrong after the council elections last year but the committee then picked there selfs up and got on with it and started making it work.
There is only so much you can do in the " animal world". We would all like to say yes to helping animals and doing the best we can. From reading your comment it seems there really has been a lot of deception from the current committee.
Let me give a little advice, when you have a 9-10 member committee your asking for trouble and it's going to find you. If you cut your committee numbers down to 5 maximum things will run so much easier and smoothly.
Seeing as your a paid up member Dee are there other members who are leaning towards the way you feel regarding this issue.

Commented Andi in La Marina 2012-05-26 06:29:20 UTC

I speak as I find, I can't speak for anyone else. People are also spreading untrue things concerning Leslie. A commitee is suppose to decide things together. Not for people to decide for themselves that they are in charge and "Everyone will do as I say." People give up their spare time to help the animals, not to be dictated to. I get stopped in the street with "La Marina whispers" Give me animals above people. Lets hope it is sorted soon, It is a good club. Some ego's will suffer, but let's remember K9 is for animal welfare not for self promotion. There are dedicated committee members. How many have actually worked with the animals. It's not a case of send the dog here or there. It is hard work, long hours and needs dedicated people. This is where Lesley and Brian and all the fosterer's come in. Not all the dogs are healthy when found, some are near to death and traumatised. It is lovely to see these dogs, after they have been given love and care, turn into healthy dogs. Dee

Commented deecc2000 in La Marina 2012-05-26 09:42:39 UTC


I understand totally, infact I think we (my mother christine and I) have a cat you helped. Big old silver thing it was, it had a huge head. I think it was Ann & Dave that helped you or you helped them trap the cat, to be honest I have no idea.
Well I hope it's all sorted because the longer it drags on and the longer they don't respond to this it will just harm the animals.

Commented Andi in La Marina 2012-05-26 09:50:08 UTC

Yes, Lovely cat it was left behind when the owners returned to England. I had been feeding it for weeks. Spoke to Anne and Dave (another dedicated couple).They said I know someone who can help. She loves cats. Your mum managed to get it in the basket TO quick for me. Your mum has a cattery of her own. Dee

Commented deecc2000 in La Marina 2012-05-26 10:27:47 UTC

No, we use some people like Leslie who has the the correct space and has time to give the cats attention. I honestly hope it gets all sorted wit K9.

Commented Andi in La Marina 2012-05-26 10:34:41 UTC

All this K9 chatter is quite simple to put right...I speak as a founder member of Hound Clubs in UK..I have exhibited and Bred dogs for over 40 years in UK...committee's are always made up with a minority number of 'do gooders' who have no idea about animal welfare, or how to handle certain situations. It isnt rocket science...just common sense!
There should be...or maybe there is a proper committee of K9, I dont know, sometimes what we call...with respect....'pet owners' dont actually have a clue what they are doing!..this is not supposed to be a dig at 'pet owners' but sometimes head MUST rule the heart.Lets hope in the future, K9 gets its act together, and does the right thing.
As a retired vet. nurse I can speak from bitter experience

Commented annie in La Marina 2012-05-26 12:08:11 UTC

please tell us who you are. I only know what I read on this site. If you don't inform us who you are, how can we take your comment seriously?

Commented mazza in La Marina 2012-05-26 17:34:23 UTC

who are you?

Commented mazza in La Marina 2012-05-26 17:35:34 UTC


Who are you refering to. I don't know Dee personally but my mother does along with three other generous people I personally know who take wett meaty dog food up to the kennels to feed these dogs that belong to K9. The old committee never should have gone but that's the past now. All I know is what was printed in the leader paper. To read what I have on the forum coming from a paid up member is quite shocking. I agree with Annie so much on her comment. It's doesn't take 9-10 people to make choices for the good of a charity, because 9-10 people will never agree.

Commented Andi in La Marina 2012-05-26 17:43:16 UTC

Thankyou Andi......Well Mazza, you can take my comments seriously...because I have a lot of experience and would not bother to write just for the fun of it!!!!! So Mazza, who are you?...I would love to see the minutes of committee meetings run by K9.

Commented annie in La Marina 2012-05-26 19:12:14 UTC