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For the past 9 months probably longer, rumour upon rumour has floated around this tranquil urbanisation regarding a 6000 euro donation. It could be more it could be less, thats neither here or there.
This donation in question was allegedly for a rescue, animal ambulance. Rumours are that the previous committee ran off with this money, no names will be dialogued on this forum regarding the certain 2-3 names that keep arising (K9 Club committe know who they are).
When you approach any of the current K9 committee you are given the brush off
There is also pitter patters that K9 are now shipping dogs off to Alicante dog pounds for one reason or another.
No one from K9 will give a straight dignified answer when it comes to this mysterious disappearance of a large amount of money.

Another gripe, a charity calling itself K2A is popping up around San Fulgencio and this charity is not legal. It puzzles the wondering mind what on gods earth is the local San Fulgencio council letting a non registered charity operate in La marina, san Fulgencio with children under the age of 18.
No back ground checks, in fact no check at all. The local council should be putting a stop to this now.
K2A are asking help from the public regarding future homing of these children in care.

This tranquil Urb is very similar to Neighbours, once someone tells you one thing, the other side of town will kknow by mid afternoon

Regarding K9, four months ago the Impact charity posted on this forum about the money that K9 had misappropriated from them:

"Three German Shepherd Puppies
After speaking with Caroline (the lady who found the 3 puppies) this afternoon (Friday 8th June), she told me that at no time during her dealings with K9 was she offered the €100 euros that Impact Charity donated for these specific dogs, nor was she ever told that this money would be held by them for the next six months in case it was needed. 

I myself was only told that the money was being held for 6 months in case it was needed on the evening of Tuesday 5th June by the president of K9 after she phoned me personally. When the money was handed over its was expressed that this was specifically for these 3 puppies, the K9 president did not mention any arrangement at the time".

I heard last week that the K9 committee agreed to buy an old vehicle from their President for 500 Euros, that it was bought and then it did not pass an ITV test! I wonder how the person that donated 6000 Euros to K9 for an animal rescue vehicle feels about this!

Commented Sandra in La Marina 2012-10-14 13:01:51 UTC

With regard to K2A, this fantastic charity is going through the process of obtaining a registration number and there will be background checks into the backgrounds of the people involved. One lady has already been interviewed by Social Services regarding taking in a child.
This charity is looking to help the children get work experience before they leave the home and then helping them find their feet in the world once they are forced to leave the home into the unknown at 18.

The local council is fully aware of everything that is going on and it is all legal, appropriate and above board.

It is a shame that the wondering minds out there always have to look at the negative side of everything instead of thanking God that there are people out there that care enough about children, adults in need, animals etc to do something about things.

Commented Michelle in La Marina 2012-10-14 18:41:07 UTC

Hi there adolf_dwight. My name is Cathryn and I am the founder of K2A. Just to set the record straight for you and to hopefully alleviate any fears you may have. K2A is in the process of becoming a fully registered charity and our only aim is to help the children. As it stands at the moment, when they have to leave the home at 18 years old, they have to make the choice of whether to go back to their families (some of the children are in there because they were abused in many ways by their families) or to go out on the street. These were the words of one of the carers there, and this is what made us want to help in this particular field. We have spent the last 6 months forging wonderful relations with these kids and part of the project that we are working on is to get them into work experience (paid wherever possible). This is just one of the many areas that we are covering in our work to make sure that these children leave care as confident young adults who at least stand a chance of being able to make something of their lives. We currently have 3 kids in work experience, one of whom is in La Marina and another two postitions in Benijofar. There are on going weekly classes that have, again, been organised by K2A to help the childrens progress such as English, I.T, jewellery making, Zumba, gardening and many more are waiting to start.
We also have the full backing of a team of UK trained social workers who really know their stuff.
As far as the background checks go, any newcomers are not just able to walk in and wonder around. Although there is a relaxed atmosphere there, the kids are in no danger as there are several carers on duty at any one time and all volunteer have to register with the director whom I also have a good relationship with.
However, if you have any questions at all, I would be more than pleased to answer them and you can contact me on 647 149 849 or I am on Facebook - Cathryn Glennon. I hope this helps and I look forward to your comments. Many thanks, Cathryn xx

Commented crownjewelsspain in La Marina 2012-10-14 19:45:21 UTC

sorry, i am not very good with computers

Commented bfmbentley in La Marina 2012-10-19 10:15:39 UTC

I don´t know how long these outragous accusations will continue regarding the so called missing 6 thousand euro´s. The prvious committee had a perfectly good vehicle waiting to be delivered. It was large enough for 2 animal cages, air conditioned and roadworthy. However, when everyone resigned the new presidents husband decided to cancell the said vehicle stating that is was not appropriate for the job. In the meantime the new committee decided to purchase a very unroadworthy vehicle from the new president!!! Anyone is entitled to examine the books of a charitable organisation. So, why don´t some of you doubters out there go to the new treasurer and demand to study the accounts for the last 18 months to confirm that in fact no money has been stolen and every transaction is accounted for. I as the last treasurer resigned on the 7th December 2011.
I also have prove of where my money came from to purchase a second hand car last September. I AM NOT A THIEF

Commented bfmbentley in La Marina 2012-10-19 10:31:00 UTC