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Is it common knowledge that the AAN charity is providing food to people that are not poor or needy! I ask this after overhearing a conversation I heard in a bar a few days ago. A lady whose name I believe is Sue was bragging about the food she has been receiving from the charity. During the same conversation I heard her say that she works as a private cleaning lady and that her husband works as a car mechanic for Club Cars.

La Marina

Mary, do you have something personal against the charity or a particular councillor? I mention this because you've only commented three times, two against the same charity and one against a political party. The more suspicious may suspect ulterior motives. Why bring the car sales bit into it and lets face it, all that you have heard is from a bar anyway. It's sad to slag off a charity in public. If you had genuine concerns perhaps you should have had a word with the Store Manager. Your last complaint seemed unfounded as well as bordering promoting religious intolerance.

Commented chalkie in Quesada 2015-08-31 21:48:38 UTC

Hi Mary,
I think Chalkie has got your number, You are trying yet again to blacken the names of the great people that run AAN and the lovely people that assist., You have tried before and failed miserably. Hopefully you will realize that people are not in the least interested in your petty little vendetta, You do not even have the guts to take the wrap when the wheels fall off your cart. (I overheard in a bar, Naming and shaming people who probably don't exist and then bringing a reputable local car sales, stating that a mechanic who works there has been ,(for want of a better sentence stealing food from the mouths of hungry people ) You state that AAN give food to a working couple, you must know AAN give food to the Council Offices and from their it is distributed by SOCIAL SERVICES, as has been stated before ,AAN do not give any food out. You have achieved one thing, and that is to make my return to making a comment on this site after I said I would not. But I am not going to sit by and read pathetic trash from you even with your bat ears pretending to listen in to other peoples private conversations.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2015-09-01 11:03:20 UTC

Hi Mary, If you are referring to me and my Husband, then I will putting you on the right road. . I have never heard such rubbish AAN do not know who gets the food parcels as the social service and the red cross deceides who gets the food parcels. If you want make any comments about me & my Husband do come and see me next time I´m in a bar. Until you have prove of what we do & Have been given you should shout you mouth and comments. Also you refer to me a cleaner please let me know who houses I clean, as believe me I will not clean someone else house and NEVER had.

Commented susan in La Marina 2015-09-01 15:16:55 UTC

Good to see you have returned Alan with your well thought out comments. I think Mary may go quiet again. I wonder if she/he realises the damage they do not only to AAN charity but ALL charities in the area.

Commented chalkie in Quesada 2015-09-02 00:18:33 UTC

Thanks for that Chalkie, I just couldn't let a charity take crap just because it is a Charity.
Hopefully she will vanish forever, Unfortunately she will more than likely return using another name.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2015-09-02 08:09:15 UTC

thank you for your comments Alan, we really appreciate it. As you said, everyone knows that the food is given to the Urbanisation Office, this is then distributed to the needy people who have met the criteria set out by Social Services. we have no say in who gets the food. I will not get into a full discussion on this web site, but just wanted to say thank you for all your positive comments

Commented Pauline in La Marina 2015-09-02 08:20:51 UTC

this is my first ever posting on this forum,i dont usually get involved in any conflict anymore.i just want to tell a little story.
4 years ago myself and others had statements from 7 witnesses willing to testify against 2 very prominent charity workers (higher than just staff ) who were stealing (goods and cash ) from a well known local charity. ( no neither of them was mark lewis ).we wanted to see a solicitor but the newly elected commitee of that charity refused to take further action,i never did know the reason why.
one of these charity workers is now a VERY prominent volunteer for a different charity organisation.does a leopard ever change its spots? to me there isnt much worse than abusing charities. all the charities i know do brilliant work and the volunteers are mostly special people.a charity can still be tainted even though its doing fantastic work.

Commented exsas in La Marina 2015-09-02 18:57:31 UTC

You've managed to implicate every charity and worker apart from Mark Lewis by not naming at least the charity.
I'm confused as to what a solicitor could have done that the police couldn't(I take it no one bothered to report it).
I see a familiar thread coming through.

Commented chalkie in Quesada 2015-09-02 19:52:50 UTC

The silence is deafening,,,,,,, I think it's par for the course though... Cast doubt about a charity and then stay quiet. My favourite one was about the council pet show that was really a way of checking documents.

Commented chalkie in Quesada 2015-09-04 20:10:47 UTC

i can assure you that i am not mark lewis,i have been active on other forum for 7 years.there are lots of people who will know / have worked out the person who i am on about. the charity is a brilliant one doing great things,but how much better could it be?

Commented exsas in La Marina 2015-09-05 08:28:31 UTC

Haven't the foggiest because you have failed to name the charity yet again and so to some not in the know, you have still implicated every charity apart from those linked to Mark Lewis which is doing him harm now because it appears you're arguing amongst yourselves and sod the beneficiaries. Did anyone bother going to the police? your ex sas, surely you're not scared of retribution.

Commented chalkie in Quesada 2015-09-05 17:47:40 UTC

no i am not scared of ANYBODY physically,but as i said in my post the newly elected commitee wouldnt take any action.i do not belong to any charity or have anything to do with any,and havent done so for over 4 years,so dont know what you mean by fighting amongst ourselves.

Commented exsas in La Marina 2015-09-05 18:27:41 UTC

You still don't name the charity but quite happy to drop hints for those 'in the'know'. A few years ago it was which charities were legal, some not accepting animals or sending them to be put down.

Name the Charity you have accused
Name the individuals concerned
Explain what a solicitor could do in a criminal offence.

Commented chalkie in Quesada 2015-09-06 18:29:28 UTC

Nice try but I gather exsas, doesnt seem to have an answer, Another name to add to the many one comment writers that appear on this forum, to start an ill founded rumour, But have no intention of having any fact, and just needs to cause problems for others. Hope other readers of this forum,take his comments with a pinch of salt

Commented Alan in La Marina 2015-09-07 08:45:13 UTC

i dont need to answer questions.....i told a story,its up to everybody to decide if its fact or fiction....ididnt need or want any feedback.
i wont be commenting anymore on this thread.

Commented exsas in La Marina 2015-09-07 11:03:39 UTC

Thanks exsas at last you have given chalkie an answer, your reply was "I told a story", Normally means a work of fiction. So taking it as not true, Perhaps we can put the whole sorry story to bed. and perhaps beef up charities and the wonderful people who work with and for them

Commented Alan in La Marina 2015-09-07 11:48:23 UTC