So now that we are beginning to accept the reality
That the UK will be leaving the EU, where does that leave us??
Along with many ex pats living in Spain, we are feeling concerned and worried about our future living here.
Are we the only ones that are feeling a bit lost!!

La Marina

The people have voiced their opinion in the referendum. The referendum wasn't a binding referendum, it was a snap shot of the publics opinion of a moment in time to provide the government with the publics sentiment.

Next step is for the next PM to commence discussions with the EU. Upon conclusion of the discussions / negotiation the PM must then put the deal reached to parliament for the MP's to vote.

So you see it is the MP's who will have the final say on the matter, they will weight public opinion referendum results V's EU deal V's risk V's their own opinion.

Just as an interesting side note - 85% of parliamentary MP's across all parties voted to remain.

So you see there is a lot more to be played out yet, with plenty of twists & turns yet to come.

Nothing is as it first seems.

Commented Rod in La Marina 2016-07-08 22:05:13 UTC

Thanks Rod for your comments and agree with what you are saying. I think that so many people are uncertain about the future, for us ex-pats and immigrants living in the UK. Front page news in the Daily Mail the other day wrote a report suggesting that the remain campaigners will be looking to move to a EU member country if the government invokes
Article 50 ( Which i very much doubt) and number one on the list is SPAIN!
Even if they do, this is going to take years to sort out all of the legislation, so I think we should all get on with our lives and not worry about it, until it happens.

Commented Support in Alicante 2016-07-09 09:18:21 UTC

Exactly right - you see the other dynamic to the referendum,as well as the vote being marginal at 51% to 49% Is that 2 of the 4 UK countries voted to remain - which is a draw.
This comment and my previous comment means that the MP's who will have the final say have some serious considerations to contend with.

This isn't something that is going to be resolved any time soon. At least 12 months for article 50 to be invoked, if at all - they might even strike a deal without having to trigger article 50 if it suits both sides of the divided nation.

Lot more twists and turns to yet come.

Commented Rod in La Marina 2016-07-09 09:37:53 UTC

In fact they are now suggesting 2019 & a 2nd referendum based on negotiation results - which I guess will be then be further delayed until the general election in 2020.

Commented Rod in La Marina 2016-08-26 17:43:53 UTC

I agree Rod. It would be better to vote on actual facts rather than so much spin. It may even turn me into a Labour supporter if they promised to review it.

Commented chalkie in Quesada 2016-08-27 08:41:19 UTC