Relocating to Spain

Hi, my wife and I are thinking of making a move to LA Marina. We are a little concerned about such issues like healthcare. Do the Spanish NHS honour our. E111 cards now that we are set to leave europe? We have heard some stories from people that the Spanish authorities have been taking these cards from ex-pats without any explanation.
Does anyone have an opinion whether this is a good or bad time for Brits moving to Spain?
Where would be the best place? We have heard that LA Marina Urb is basically a massive housing estate. We do not want Blackpool with sunshine, any suggestions?

It is most definitely not Blackpool in the sun. I only visit there and have never seen a kiss-me-quick hat yet. It is a place to chill. Outside of the "season" you hear more yapping dogs than people at night. As for the Brexit thing, it is too early to tell. If you want lively give it a miss, but to chill take the leap

Commented silverfox1955 in La Marina 2017-02-26 13:35:55 UTC

Thanks for the comments Silverfox, it's just that we have heard some 'horror stories' about life in the sun. Wasn't sure if Brexit had kicked in as yet, anyway it may make no difference at all. We are due to come over soon so will get first hand experience. On another subject does anyone know when the Processionary Caterpillar season finishes as we are worried about our dogs?

Commented Bill Smyth in La Marina 2017-02-26 20:45:47 UTC

The old yapping dog syndrome rises its head again.!! That will never change,the dogs are far more important than peoples relaxation and sleep.All the people that complain can't all be wrong?

Commented blarter222 in La Marina 2017-03-11 19:06:25 UTC

i havent got a (yappy) dog as you call them,but i would say someone with a dog who makes itself known is less likely to get burgled etc.

Commented exsas in La Marina 2017-03-12 16:51:39 UTC

Sorry,not sure who you are,I was actually addressing the comments from Silverfox1955.He has a very valid and fast increasing point,not really sure what continually yapping dogs throughout the night has to do with burglary. Not heard of any burglaries on the URB of late,I could be wrong though!!

Commented blarter222 in La Marina 2017-03-12 20:40:16 UTC

Hi Bill.
Hope you are well. Did you move to Spain? Be great to hear from you again and join in with us.

Commented Support in Alicante 2017-05-05 12:42:52 UTC