This must be the same people who have built the other site at Quesada, what a great idea if they are doing the same in other areas, I have found the information so good and my questions on the forum always get answered. Well done I will be keeping an eye out for you and telling everyone to use you.


Hi Sally, yes we are growing fast! We are easy to use and to understand and everyone who has joined other groups are great at answering and helping each other. I am sure the people of Catral are just as great. Please, do spread the word.

Commented Admin in Catral 2011-04-08 14:39:57 UTC

Hi Sally. I agree. I have used the Quesada forums to find out where is great to eat and for finding a karate club for my kids. It is easy to use which is just as well as my computer skills are very limited. Good luck Catral Life.

Commented Kida in Quesada 2011-04-08 15:28:26 UTC