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Lawyers and Solicitors
We are a law firm with a young spirit despite our wide experience and knowledge. We are driven
by knowing that our clients’ needs are met satisfactorily. To achieve this, we like to be close to our
clients, listening to their queries and rising to meet their expectations.
Included in the list of English Speaking Lawyers in the British Embassy in Spain.
About us
Esther Arroyo, founder, ICA Orihuela Law Society member number 1341 and ICALI Law Society
member number 4123, Master in International Studies by Alicante University. She started her
professional career in 1993.
She focuses her practice on advising on contentious and pre-contentious civil and commercial
issues to individual and corporate clients and companies in proceedings relating to contractual
matters, in particular Commercial and Property Law; on defending individuals against banks and on
advising on matters related to Family Law.
She has specialised in Mediation by CEU University San Pablo. She has been trained in General
Arbitration and International Arbitration by the CIAMEN and the CIARB, Chartered Institute of
She has specialized in negotiation techniques and scientific nonverbal communication.
Membership of professional associations:
Orihuela Bar Association
Alicante Bar Association
CIAMEN. International Centre of Arbitration, Mediation and Negotiation
Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
Area of Practice:
Banking Law: Defence of individuals against bank entities. “Floor Clauses”. Preferences shares and
“toxic products”.
Family Law: Divorces, alimony payments, divorce judgment modification. Filiation. Division of
Marital Property.
Legal incapacity action. Inheritance, intestacies, wills. Probate actions.
Community of Owners​
Comprehensive Legal Advice for Business Companies
Criminal Law
Immigration Advisory Service.
Administrative Law.
Labour Law.
Our Fees - Please fill in a rough idea of your requirements or a question below and I will get back
to you
We offer a Legal Visiting Service for elder, sick or disabled people, with no extra cost for the face-
to-face consultation.
- Face-to-face consultation 40 euros
-Telephone consultation (up to 30 minutes) 20 euros
- E-mail consultation 25 euros
Email address: [email protected]
Phone: + 34 966697151
Alicante: Avenida Benito Pérez Galdós, 9-11.
Torrevieja: ICA Torrevieja Law Society. (Meeting Point). Patricio Zammit, 50
Orihuela: ICA Orihuela Law Society. (Meeting Point). Togores,4

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