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Councillor Jeff after reading your latest blog comment, your sounding like a joke.
You have now stated if a charity or organisation has entertainment and the bar is making a profit from this then the bar is to obtain the official music licence.
So all the fundraisers that have took place at bars and the bars have made a profit by selling drinks because the entertainment has attracted many people to come along to the event and speed there money. Jesus do you realise how crazy your latest blog is coming across.
So now no fundraisers can be held at any bars if the bars are providing entertainment and making a profit from this.
Note to self Jeff. I've seen you at many fundraisers buying drinks and enjoying yourself why watching entertainment.

This council just get worse and worse.

So if a bar has entertainment for a charity event and it the bar is making money, cause lets be honest if your holding a event and entertainment is not provided of some sorts then no money will be raised along the lines of what would be raised if there was entertainer at a bar.

La Marina

Andi have just read the blog,The funny thing that those Charities supported by the Council
i.e Cruz Roha,Social Services(possibly Food for the needy)do not need for the bar to have the relevant licences,I am hoping I have misinterrpreted Jeff words.Because if I have than none of those charities will get a pennt more from me,I will put my normal donations into the pot for the other Charities who are as good as being barred from a mass collection.
Jeff if I am wrong,explain it to me.
If I am right you and this so called Council should resign from your jobs you are purely incapable of being fit for purpose

Commented Alan in La Marina 2012-11-09 14:20:33 UTC


When the Hogs Head held the great fundraiser for food for the needy and had all them entertainers that were asked from Hogs Head to help raise money and Jeff was there. Hogs head got that line up and what a great line up it was for the night.
It seems He can't remember where his been or what his done.

Commented Andi in La Marina 2012-11-09 14:25:29 UTC

This whole thing begins to smell dodgy to me.
I gather The bar can help out if it doesnt make a on earth are the police going to know if they are making a profit or not,they could I suppose take some number crunchers with them,and sit down and try and work out the wholesale cost of a drink plus how much it costs for staff to issue the drink,how much electricity is running how much to clean the premises after and so much more.
Jeff which member of the Council gave you this idea to put on your blog.
I have said many times to you ,you are this Councils fall guy when one is required,it looks extremely like the time is you jump ship or wait to be pushed overboard

Commented Alan in La Marina 2012-11-09 14:43:12 UTC

Just to clarify one thing from above. I wish to let you know that Hogs Head did not get the entertainers for the charity night for the needy, I arrange them all, and asked Hogs Head if we could have the function there, Paul then got the necessary paperwork for the evening. Jeff is a friend of ours and he came to support the evening.

Commented Pauline in La Marina 2012-11-09 17:52:20 UTC

Then I will apologies but if I remember correct in reading on it was either Facebook or a forum Paul was thanked for arranging the artists.
Either way if I'm wrong the I apologise.
It still does not take the fact away what has now appeared on his blog is beyond a joke, and it's not me that just thinks that.
Take Alan for instance, his given many donations and even spent a fortune on raffle tickets at the fiesta and walked away with the meat voucher to the british butchers (maybe a family member)
Either way he has made his feeling clear about donating money now and that's purely down to what has been interpreted on Jeff's blog.

Commented Andi in La Marina 2012-11-09 18:10:09 UTC

Pauline,As you probably know I have always supported Food for the Needy,as well as the childrens home in Elche.
According to Jeffs Blog,your do at the Hogs Head(In fact if i remember correctly,i couldnt attend that one ,but left a donation behind the bar) would of surely come under the ruling of social services backed by the Council and under that umbrella,surely it would not of needed a licence for the entertainment.
Truly not having a pop ay you or food for the needy,am just trying to clarify exactly what Jeff means when he talks about the auspices of the social service

Commented Alan in La Marina 2012-11-09 18:15:34 UTC

Jeffs even later BlogApparently some people didnt understand Jeffs blog regarding,Charity Dos at bar premises.I am not going to put on here what he said,As it would really be a waste of time.
But a quick version appears to be,a charity will almost certainly get the all clear for a fund raising do .if they approach the Bar and then one of the heads of that Charity then applies for the Licence the Council will look upon it favorably..If the Bar Owner applies it will have next tyo no chance as the bar may make a profit
If the National Police come along they can shut the bar and fine the owner of the bar,even if he had nothing to do with getting the licence.
That is it in short.
My head hurts,just how many ways are you trying to shut these bars Jeff, I have to admit it you and your 16 Compatriots really are showing your true colours,you really are a bunch of idiots

Commented Alan in La Marina 2012-11-10 17:06:54 UTC

So what happens now,if you have a charity do in your pub,at the charities instigation,firstly if the charity apply to the council,as long as you are one of the main people in that charity,the charity will get the License,but even with the license ,if the national police come they can close the bar down and fine the owner.My feeling is if I was a bar owner, and a charity asked me if they could use my premises to hold a fun raising do,I couldnt possibly allow it,how ever much i supported them,because apart from a huge fine i could lose my livleyhood,because i helped a Charity.
Even worse if the Charity was a social service charity,it would be allowed to go ahead automatically,but the National Police are not answerable to the Local Police,so presumably,they could shut the bar down anyway.
Jeff tell me that is completely wrong or have all 17 members of our Council gone completely bonkers-

Commented Alan in La Marina 2012-11-10 17:23:53 UTC

Get a life!I have friends on La Marina who have groups for your urbanisation who seek out information and help should you need it.

Commented ann-ward in Quesada 2012-11-10 19:41:31 UTC

Agree entirely Ann I thought you were in La Marina unless Ive got the wrong one.

Commented Weejohnten in La Marina 2012-11-10 19:58:40 UTC

It appears you and so many on this forum have very short memories of the last council regime. Nobody contactable, no answers to questions ever this guy has been shot down by you and a few like you on these forums waken up . We ave one joker here Tina who openly says she cant be bothered to go to the council offices where you will find Jeff most days not hiding or refusing to answer questions I agree he's not fireproof or bulletproof but he stays here he mixe's here though I don't know why because most places he goes for a night out both him and his wife are verbally attacked why dont these people go to the office when stone cold sober? Now just for the record I was out last night and yes I was in a bar with music and yes I did sing and see if it offends anybody bloody tough because it was finished at 12midnight. Rant Over

Commented Weejohnten in La Marina 2012-11-10 20:06:02 UTC

So because I will not go running down to Jeff's office to ask him why he does not use the local forums to tell everyone what is going on this makes me a fool does it?

What a very strange response, or are you a child using your parents computer?

Commented Tina in La Marina 2012-11-10 20:52:34 UTC

Strange response!!! only thing strange here is you prepared to spout of from behind a screen and a keyboard but wont get up off your ass to face the person up. That is childish I have made my point respond if you like I will not get involved in a slanging match. THE END

Commented Weejohnten in La Marina 2012-11-10 22:24:45 UTC

You must be one of Jeff's followers, as you also do not seem to understand the power of the internet. Look back only a few days and you will see the president of America using Twitter to thank his supporters. Its call progress.
I am a voter in La Marina but am not there for the next 6 months so how do I get my message to the people I want? Answer on the local forum that I think a lot of people use to find out what is going on.
The problem here is that those people REFUSES to use it to speak with the voters BAD MOVE if they want to get in power.
Then we have people like you using words like FOOL and ASS on post for all to see. Do you think there is a need? Can you not get your point across in a grown up manner?
But it is funny how you finished you last post THE END my kids did that when they had lost a point, so as not to carry on the debate.

Commented Tina in La Marina 2012-11-11 08:41:48 UTC