Are you crafty

David and Julie Blinston, proprietors Lo Marabu Restaurant on the Lemon Tree Road, Quesada are converting the large, upper floor of the restaurant into a gallery and arts centre, and are looking for teachers who would like to use the space for classes. Suzanne Stokes has been teaching art there on Wednesday mornings for several years – but there are opportunities for other classes, such as card making, languages, yoga, meetings, and club gatherings to use the space on a regular basis. It is also a perfect venue for parties, and excellent buffet meals can be provided by the restaurant.
The gallery is still work in progress and most of the paintings currently on display are by Suzanne’s students, and also works by local photographers. Suzanne will be managing the artwork display and a limited number of artists will be accepted. Paintings must be properly framed and saleable, and will be given a six week showing. This gives others a chance to show their work.
There will be a small charge for using the gallery rooms and it is expected that customers will buy drinks, coffees etc in return for the privilege of using it.
So if you would like to hold a class or meeting at the gallery, call Lo Marabu on 966 716 012
Suzanne can be contacted through her website
If you ‘like’ the Lo marabou Gallery and Arts Centre Facebook page, you will be kept in touch with progress.