Close Encounters....

We came home last night, Monday, and noticed that our little hammerhead cul-de-sac was so brightly lit, well, it looked like UFO's had landed.

Our previous soft toned street lights have been replaced with incredibly bright LED streetlights.

Now we are all for change and understand the need to be more eco friendly, but the new LED streetlights which replaced our lovely, soft toned, street lamp balls, are just so bright.

Where previously we could leave our shutters open to get much needed summer air, unfortunately this is not now the case as it is so bright outside our home, it looks like a Spanish summer day, even at 4am, so all shutters firmly closed, stifling inside.

We have four of the new street lights just in our little road, so bright and annoying.

I assume it won't be long before someone snaps and tampers with them, they are far too bright in a residential dwelling.

Great idea, but why are they so bright? Really not necessary.

We are trying to think of the positives, better for our planet, extra security, etc., but in normal nighttime situations, they are unbearable.

La Marina

I am so pleased that someone else finds these ugly lights unacceptable. I have been into the urbanisation office several times to make my feelings known that these lights completely destroy the little bit of character that La Marina had with the previous mellow glass globes casting a soft, warm glow throughout the area.

These replacement lights are so bright and the design hideous, they make the cul-de -sacs look like an industrial area.
The answer is : that the council was offered them 'free' by the electrical contactor as part of their bid!

When conversing with our deputy mayor on this subject, it appears that no-one on the council thought to ask the contractor what sort of lights the globes would be replaced with, where etc. It was voted in at a council meeting without any questions being asked of the contactors. Needless to say they didn't think either to ask our opinions, obviously seeing this offer as a way of saving costs. Now, the glass globes are being thrown into the back of the contactor's lorries and broken ( at c80euros a globe, some years ago) - where is the sense?

Yes, I appreciate that these lights may look slightly more acceptable in some areas but in small narrow cul-de-sacs, I agree with MITZY, they are just unbearably bright and aesthetically displeasing.

Commented aspanishlifer in La Marina 2014-07-30 11:50:54 UTC