Petrol Station..beware.

I've used the Petrol Station for the last 11 yrs, the one going off the Urb towards the N332 and the Beach, and never had any problems, the lads seem ok because they know me now, anyway, yesterday I called in to put in 20 Euros and left the guy to fill up for me.
I went in to pay (with my card) and put in my PIN. The guy behind the counter looked disinterested and played around for a while with the till etc then again gave me the terminal to put in my pin again. I said i've just done that, and he said abruptly PIN. Now i'm aware of rip-offs etc with cards, but because no ticket was printed off, I thought maybe i'd put in the wrong number or the machine wasn't working correctly.
Checking my bank account just now, 20 Euros was debited twice. I've now got a problem trying to get back my 20 Euros, any ideas anyone ? because I know when I go back to the garage, nobody will want to know and English will be a no-no.

My parents have been short changed in there twice. On the first occasion they didn't realise until it was to late. The second time they did get the money back but it took two days. So it is worth going in perhaps with a spanish speaker to try. If you have a mini statement from the bank I don't see how they can argue. Good luck

Commented Nikki in La Marina 2014-08-14 18:27:48 UTC

Thanks Nikki, I was going to get a Statement and go in anyway and there is a guy in there that speaks English, but whether he goes "dumb" to help his mate, I don't know.
It could be a genuine mistake because I don't know how the guy could "make" on it if it's on a credit card.

Commented Al Marina in La Marina 2014-08-14 18:36:52 UTC

Latest update.........after going to my Bank and obtaining a receipt showing 2 debits of 20 Euros within a minute, Jose at the Garage offered me back my 20 Euros, I told him i'd just put 20 Euros worth of petrol in the car so he said ok.
Problem solved.

Commented Al Marina in La Marina 2014-08-20 15:34:18 UTC

That's good to hear. A genuine mistake put right.

Commented Nikki in La Marina 2014-08-20 19:12:44 UTC