Tourism brochures and publicity leads people to believe that in San Fulgencio all things are bright and beautiful for all creatures great and small.

However, despite denuncias and appeals led by Mark Lewis, the foremost animal welfare protagonist and founder of the Pets In Spain animal welfare charity, the council continued the annual barbaric tradition of collecting live animals, hanging them upside down on a pole with zip ties, and parading them around the village streets.

During the cruel procession local children look on in bewilderment. Even more ironic is that the Councillor for animals, Susana Ortuno, is in this cruel procession playing the clarinet in the San Fulgencio municipal band!

The San Fulgencio council Facebook page has a collection of photos which shows Mayor Carlos Ramirez and his government team grabbing the live animals and stringing them up on a pole for their long torment before their final fate!

Brian Anderson,
Press and public relations coordinator
Charity registration CIF: G54669262

Although this is a Spanish tradition, I'm sure many people would find this insensitive and outmoded.

Commented Richie in La Marina 2015-01-20 11:14:23 UTC

Has this act of barbarism just taken place, if so it seems to have been kept quiet from people on the Urb.
Hopefully Jeff showed his displeasure by refusing to take part in this disgusting act, again. Which is surely not condoned, by the vast majority of people in San Fulgencio.
Before the odd few moaners add there two pennorth about its tradition, If it is tradition ,Just how many Spanish Towns around us have a similar day.
I believe that normally a party is held on Oasis Park for residents to enjoy a B.B.Q. of the animals murdered in this barbaric act,If so the organisers will not need to put mine aside I will not be attending.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2015-01-20 14:24:11 UTC

Ive been into the link and what they are holding on the picture is chickens and rabbits donated by some of the locals for the San Anton patronal fiesta, ive never heard no one moaning about all the food they give for free for the BBQ. Do u not eat chicken and rabbit?? U probably prefere the industrial one wich are theire whole live closed up in a 20 x 20 centimeter cage until they dont fit in it anymore and then get killed.... Your only reason to post this are political reason and not because you ''love'' animals..... get a life please

Commented Spainlover in Torrevieja 2015-01-20 14:42:31 UTC

Yes they are chickens and rabbits. But LIVE chickens and rabbits. Whether it's for food production or a fiesta I personally do NOT think it right to string these animals and birds up by their feet and parade them through the streets. Especially not in the name of a christian festival concerning animals. . Apart from the distress it obviously causes to the poor things, what sort of example does it set to the children there? They will grow up believing this is acceptable behaviour. It's not. Even animals that are bred for food are transported for slaughter in a more humane way. And to see the local "big wigs" of the church, council and police there is just, in my opinion, wrong. They should know better and set a better example than this. I'm all for tradition. But also all for treating animals and people with compassion and dignity. And times move on - this tradition needs to too.

Commented janineb in La Marina 2015-01-20 15:33:04 UTC

What an interesting thread, even more interesting is, while Mark Lewis was councillor for animals, did he manage to stop this farcical parade for the four years he was in council.
I am in agreement with all the above comments, what is quite clear is, again us immigrants (we moved to Spain) think its acceptable to impose our ways / views on Spanish tradition.
Animal abuse is animal abuse, its that simple. This though, is Spanish tradition that has been taking place for 100s of years.
How many of you above who have replied to this thread are vegetarians, probably none.
I, myself am not, this is why i will not sit here on a keyboard and moan about a Spanish tradition.
I do condemn the way the animals are paraded but i will not sit here and moan when we eat this type of meat on a weekly basis.

Commented electioncampaign in La Marina 2015-01-20 16:13:55 UTC

Still waiting for you to tell us which way you are swinging.
I am not a Mark fan, but to be fair when he was a Councillor, he was in a party of three,i do not know if he wanted to change the way animals were humiliated before being killed, but unless he could carry one of the major parties with him he wouldn't of been able to do anything about the situation.
After seeing the videos on u tube last year and watching chickens and rabbits being tied by the feet and hung upside down from a wooden pole carried by laughing adults who were listening to the cries of these animals as the chickens flapped hopelessly upside down ,with children looking on with the Mayor the Chief of Police and the Priest walking proudly alongside. that was bad enough, you then realize that later the Children who witnessed this barbarity are asked to take there Pets to the same Priest to be blessed, What exactly is that teaching the Children
I am not against these animals being given for slaughter, but please do it humainly, They surely will not taste one iota better after being scared than
what they would anyway if treated decently before death.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2015-01-20 17:08:42 UTC

Copied from Jeffs Blog for info
Fiesta of San Anton and the collection of the chickens
It has been pointed out to me, that through several of the forums, there has been expressions of distate at the treatment of the chickens and rabbits at this fiesta. For the last few years I have declined to be part of this. My personal opinion is that it is cruel and unnecessary. In fact, after last years fiesta, I suggested to the Mayor that it would be more humane to carry the animals in cages. This would not detract from the essence of the fiesta as currently the animals are collected and eventually placed in the back of a van with cages. Yes cages. Most, if not all survive the ordeal of being carried through the streets. So it would be simple to change.
Perhaps because there is an election this year, the ruling party does not wish to offend any of its voters. However they have failed to realise that more and more of the residents of La Marina, have become more politically aware and most of the extranjeros abhor animal cruelty

Commented Weejohnten in La Marina 2015-01-20 21:53:25 UTC

Cruelty against animals in the name of God or the Prophet or any other religious figure is disgusting. It must be stopped!

Commented reindeer keeper in La Marina 2015-01-21 14:45:19 UTC

The political party which promises to stop this barbaric tradition will get my vote at the next election! It´s a shame in a modern society!

Commented reindeer keeper in La Marina 2015-04-11 09:14:42 UTC

I must say the Rabbit was Delicious........

Commented Poppy in La Marina 2015-04-11 09:40:15 UTC

I forgot that elections were coming up. Mark Lewis and friends seem to be a one policy party and don't like losing. It needs highlighting that the chickens don't vote and that's where he lost last time.

Commented chalkie in Quesada 2015-04-11 10:34:34 UTC

So cruelty against animals are ok. I thought we all lived in a modern society. But obviously some people still like to torture animals in the name of God or the Prophet.

Commented reindeer keeper in La Marina 2015-04-11 18:56:01 UTC

I'm suggesting the prospective Councillor and team should include other things he would do for the community.

Commented chalkie in Quesada 2015-04-11 19:34:14 UTC

It is possible to do more than one thing. But if you think old religious mysterious traditions are more important to hold on to you should not vote for an animal friendly political party.

Commented reindeer keeper in La Marina 2015-04-11 22:56:27 UTC

Thankyou for your valuable and well thought out advice. Personally I wouldn't vote for a party that only concentrated in one policy from two months ago. I will take your advice

Commented chalkie in Quesada 2015-04-11 23:32:04 UTC

If reindeer had bothered to read any of Marks or his Friends comments recently, They would of noticed he was against the St Antons barbaric walk of shame, (I gather almost everybody is), as is Jeff who as a Councillor refuses to attend the walk of shame.
But according to Marks web- site (He slapped my wrist for calling it a blog) The APSFU Party (or as he has started calling it The AP Party) If he and his followers get voted in on May 24th. He intends on getting rid of some paper pushers at the town halls, Also intends on, the quick transfer of information of council projects and decisions to the residents, He will also make staff at town halls accountable for their actions. He will also reform local systems and relations with the council, also enhance public services and give priority to local people and their wants and needs.
That is what he says,
But what he or his party really intend could be entirely different, people of San Ful. and the Urbs. will have to wait to question him when he comes to get your vote in early May

Commented Alan in La Marina 2015-04-12 08:48:58 UTC

"If reindeer had bothered to read any of Marks or his Friends comments recently, "
What kind of argument is this?

Commented reindeer keeper in La Marina 2015-04-12 09:25:32 UTC

My comment was not an argument, I can leave that for you to do.
My comment was a comment actually agreeing to some of what you said, the only difference is, I was saying it to someone else, who actually may not live in the San Fulgencio area, so may not be able to vote in San Ful.
So in reply to your last comment (argument) what the b*****y h*** are you moaning about now? Cancel that last question, It really doesn't matter .

Commented Alan in La Marina 2015-04-12 09:54:11 UTC

Thank you Alan, my original statement originates from a distrust of politicians in general and just curious as to why this post came up again. I've not been a member long on here but read it while deciding which area I wanted to live. The complaints of bar noise and animals pushed me towards Quesada in the end.

Commented chalkie in Quesada 2015-04-12 11:59:56 UTC

Its a shame, that you read ASL forum, to make a judgement on La Marina/San Fulgencio. against Quesada.
The ASL has hardly any rules on what you want to say, The only two rules I have noted are, You must not advertise a business event on the Forum, unless you put the event on the events section of ASL. and secondly, You must not say anything that in any way may be advantageous to the PIPN political Party.
La Marina Urb does have another Forum called La Marina Forum which does have rules (nothing too harsh) but the comments and the replies are much more favorable to the people and the area of La Marina, needless to say the answers to questions are normally intelligently answered, and shows the La Marina people in their true colours. I hope you enjoy Quesada, I just think La Marina Urb is more enjoyable, but of course I am just a little bit biased. lol

Commented Alan in La Marina 2015-04-12 12:45:12 UTC

Alan, your comment "If reindeer had bothered to read any of Marks or his Friends comments recently," was a bit insulting. You assumed I was unaware of what they had written. Or do you mean that if something already has been commented no other person should bother?
And Alan, I certainly not wanted to make this a vendetta against you. My hope is that whoever wins the next election will have the courage to stop the barbaric religious cruelty against animals in San Fulgencio.
Let this bee a common goal.

Commented reindeer keeper in La Marina 2015-04-12 13:43:53 UTC