What attracts foreigners to buy in Spain?

Recent studies of the different nationalities who buy a property in Spain have shown that the British continue to lead the ranking with 18.62%; followed by the French with 9.39%; the Germans, 7.25%; Belgians, 6.90%; Italians, 6.13%; Russians, 5.83%; Swedish, 5.83%; Chinese, 14% and the Norwegians with 3.74%.

In most cases, they started out as tourists who had spent their holidays in Spain and had enjoyed the experience, thereafter deciding to take the next step to invest in a second home; the main reasons being the quality of life, plenty of sunshine, good flight connections, health care, gastronomy and culture.

Broken down into nationalities, their reasons:

English: Typically middle class retired couples or nearing retirement, with incomes above 36,000€ per annum, with children and grandchildren, seeking an easy way of life, good weather, easy access by air from their home country and good medical care as the main reasons for choosing Spain.

Belgians: Tend to be business executives with an average salary of more than 60,000€ per year, of a higher level of education, usually families with children and grandchildren, fans of outdoor activity and sports, and who enjoy eating out. The climate again, of course, a factor, proximity to the coast and the quality of services offered in general, caught their attention when considering a second home in Spain.

Russians are usually men between 35-45 years of age with a high level of education and married with children. They tend to come from a higher income bracket with an average annual salary of 80,000€. They also like coastal areas, shopping, excursions and water sports. Main reasons for buying are the quality of life in Spain together with the possibility of obtaining a residence permit.

The typical Scandinavian is a married couple of between 45-75 years of age with an even higher level of income of above 90,000€ per year and attracted to retirement in Spain by the golf, biking and relaxing on the beach. A healthy climate with lots of sun and good flight connections are other reasons for them wishing to retire in Spain.

The Mediterranean provinces, the Canaries, Balearic Islands and Madrid lead as the most popular destinations for a property purchase in Spain.