Buying a house

Does anyone know if, ...let's say,... I saw a house I liked, I agreed a price and wanted to pay the seller in Sterling in England in a private sale,.... Would this be possible ? or would I have to transfer money over, pay the seller in Euros and then the seller would have to change the money back into Sterling, therefore losing out. I know the Notary is involved because of taxes etc, but if all the above was explained, could the sale still go through ?

Hi BigEd,

We purchased a house here about 18 months ago from UK sellers, we transferred the money from our UK Bank to theirs, and all the Notary required was proof of the transaction, and amount paid. We downloaded a copy from our Bank and our Sellers provided a copy from their Bank showing amount received. We agreed on the exchange rate beforehand and it was all pretty straightforward.

We used a Solicitor here, and all the taxes, fees etc., were paid in Euro in Spain.

Hope that helps?

Commented Mitzy in La Marina 2015-08-03 19:42:32 UTC

Thanks Mitzy

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