Conservatory Glazing problem

Hi ,
a friend is buying a house on Marina del Mar, but has been told they cant get a Habitation Certificate until they replace the glass on the conservatory roof. Apparently, the Town Hall at San Fulgencio have very recently introduced a new Building Reg which means conservatory glazing may need to be upgraded during house sale process in order for new owners to get a fresh Habitation Certificate.
This sounds bonkers , but does it make sense to anyone ,please ? Thx , Rob H

I know of someone on phase 1 marina del mar who, in order to sell their Julia, had to remove the conservatory so as
to comply with the existing habitation certificate. The new owners, once they had moved in, simply re-erected it. Not strictly legal!!

Commented harrykarry0 in La Marina 2016-01-17 08:28:35 UTC

I have a Julia and i'm hoping to sell it this year.
I've heard various tales about conservatories having to be taken off to get the Habitacion Certificate, and once you have it, the conservatory can be put back in place.
Some friends of mine have just sold, and they had to have the kitchen door taken off and the opening made wider to allow 'air circulation'.
It all seems ridiculous to me, especially the 'door' thing, the original plans show a door, so if it was passed 14 or 15 yrs ago, it should still be valid now.
It seems it's just another thing to get money out of us, like the Energy Certificate.

Commented Al Marina in La Marina 2016-01-24 12:36:25 UTC

When the Julia was originally built it did not have a conservatory so the rear door that was fitted was adequate for air circulation. The erecting of a conservatory on the roof decreases the circulation, thereby increasing the risk of damp, therefore the removal of the rear door becomes necessary. Not sure about the widening of the door 'hole' though.

Commented harrykarry0 in La Marina 2016-01-30 06:14:27 UTC